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  1. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Thanks for your responses please Have downloaded V12.0 -connected USB to ethernet cable between laptop and C400, created new project, selected 2711C-T4T, clicked on Upload, could not proceed further as connected  USB to ethernet interface was not found under "connection browser", also tried by connecting to mini USB port of C400 ie cable USB- mini ethernet, same issue Tried above with downloaded version of V20.0 but same issue Hope attached jpg is showing relevant information Please guide on how to proceed as connected USB to ethernet cable is fine and works with Mitsubishi PLC etc
  2. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Thank you so much for amazing clarity. Please refer to attached jpg. Hope could download it successfully and should be able to communicate thro LAN port? Kindly confirm
  3. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Can u please share  "'Connected Components Workbench  software'" as I could not find in the forum please
  4. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Thank u so much for your response
  5. Dear Experts We have a machine with Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400 Request to share communicating software and cable details please  Regards
  6. FX3U PLC with GOT 1000

    Thanks for your response Gambit We need to have message on HMI for operator after say every 20 cycles, to clean up torch in MIG welding application, similarly to cut wire before resuming after power cut because if that is not done, torch gets bent during homing cycle
  7. FX3U PLC with GOT 1000

    Hello Experts Can someone please guide on how to create message for operator on HMI We have GX DEVELOPER 2 AND GT DESIGNER 2000 with us along with PLC and HMI backup    
  8. Mitsubishi Servo MR-JE-2008 With PLC Fx 5U HMI GS2107

    Hello Experts We could fix the issue by reloading Servo backup - mistake was during read to PLC, servo backup was not taken earlier Thanks for your attention To ensure servo backup is also taken, during read from PLC, we need to select all, also we need to click on checkbox with Servo, kindly confirm
  9. Hello Experts We have a machine with Mitsubishi Servo MR-JE-2008 With PLC Fx 5U & HMI GS2107 Yesterday we altered PLC by adding a row with input and timer & used this Input in next rung for weld start Although we did not  find any linkage but found "'Screen error Ok"' on HMI and after pressing Ok, HMI screen getting blank. We restored original PLC backup - PLC in Run Mode still ""Screen error Ok"" on HMI Via GT designer 3, we have loaded HMI backup, now HMI screen is OK and normal Getting Ab on Mitsubishi drive - we feel it is not an error but due to this we are unable to rotate motor although other functions like door open/close etc Ok In PLC, online mode, we are finding Servo in ON but unable to understand Ab on Drive and may be due to this, unable to rotate motor Please refer to attached HMI, PLC & Servo Backup Request advice HMI BACK UP.GTX PLC BACKUP.gx3 Flange Welding_Tag Line Servo Backup.mrc2
  10. FX3S-20MR/ES

    Dear Experts We have a machine with Mitsubishi PLC FX3S-20MR/ES. Few years back someone worked on the project and locked PLC program with Password - we are unable to contact that person Request to revert if there is any way to fix this issue Regards
  11. Dear Experts Request to let us know communicating software to communicate with  Allen Bradley Kinetix 300 Servo Drive , please confirm if it is Motion View & if yes then any specific version & if it can be downloaded as I tried to download but could not
  12. Compact Logix L24ER

    Pl refer to attached image, pl confirm if PLC version is 21.011 EOLT Drive.pdf
  13. Mitsubishi PLC

    Dear Experts We use GxWorks 2 to communicate with PLC. Please let us know how do we upload a project along with comments because when we upload, we are not getting comments in uploaded project. Pl revert if it is possible to upload comments as well along with PLC Regards
  14. Compact Logix L24ER

    Thank you