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  1. GOT - GS2107-WTBD-N

    Thanks for your swift response
  2. GOT - GS2107-WTBD-N

    Hello Experts As you are aware, there is a small mini USB port on rear right side of GOT Please revert if there is any possibility of connecting external mouse thro this mini USB port to access various icons of HMI This I am asking to operate HMI, temporarily, till replacement with new one - in case touch screen having issues Regards
  3. Gx Works 2

  4. Gx Works 2

      EOLT_UPLOADED_BACKUP (Add or Subtraact 0.4mm).gx3
  5. Gx Works 2

    Hello Experts Can someone please guide on how to modify existing program, in Gx Works 2,  for a testing machine In this machine, component is clamped and indexed for 0 degree and 10 degrees - we only need to bypass this function by retaining other functions of logic as is Regards      
  6. Siemens Logo PLC

    Thank you so much 
  7. Siemens Logo PLC

    Have tried to browse but sorry could not get Logo Manual - Please revert
  8. Siemens Logo PLC

    We could download the software and can see options like Download, Upload  etc - Thanks Can you please share details of communicating cable
  9. Siemens Logo PLC

    Thank you so much for your response, shall download and revert please
  10. Siemens Logo PLC

    Hello Experts Can someone please tell me if Communicating software for Siemens Logo PLC is downloadable? Regards
  11. Micrologix 1400 PLC

    Thank you for your swift response  
  12. Micrologix 1400 PLC

    Thank you for your swift response We could fix the problem. Please find below observations and action PLC was found in Remote same moved to Run mode (thanks to this group for getting this clue), still none of the outputs were getting ON. External service provider reloaded the backup and then control got ON. Machine was in use since last thursday, wondering how program got deleted, also thinking if something I did wrong in changing over from Remote to Run Request feedback  
  13. Hello Experts Fault LED is blinking in Red in Allen Bradley Micro Logix 1400 PLC Can someone please advice on how to fix this & probable reasons ? Can trial version of communicating software be downloaded?
  14. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Thank you so much for you feedback wrt USB flash or SD card. I was actually trying to mention that only after creating new project say in the name of machine under discussion, I could find options like upload/download etc, yes I am aware about upload/download functions as these are common for other PLCs like Siemens, Mitsubishi as well only in case of Fanuc it is other way round that means upload means from PG/laptop to CNC/PLC, and vice versa in case of  download, hope I am correct in saying so
  15. Micrologix 1400 PLC, Panel View C400

    Thanks for your responses please Have downloaded V12.0 -connected USB to ethernet cable between laptop and C400, created new project, selected 2711C-T4T, clicked on Upload, could not proceed further as connected  USB to ethernet interface was not found under "connection browser", also tried by connecting to mini USB port of C400 ie cable USB- mini ethernet, same issue Tried above with downloaded version of V20.0 but same issue Hope attached jpg is showing relevant information Please guide on how to proceed as connected USB to ethernet cable is fine and works with Mitsubishi PLC etc