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  1. GEIP still sells LogicMaster 90 Software. There is a version of LM90 on the original VersaPro CD but no longer the case with Proficy ME. It is possible to copy it and easy to get around not having a proper serial number but it is not legal to do so. However I have never heard of GE or GEIP prosecuting anyone for bootlegging LM90. There is a first for everything.

  2. For new projects I recommend Profinet. It uses "standard" routers, switches, wireless and Cat 5 or better cabling. Is deterministic. Easy to configure and troubleshoot. Has a huge number of manufacturers I/O to choose from giving you the ability to select the best I/O for your job instead of being stuck to what a small group has to offer with you needing to design around their short-falls. YMMV

  3. Sold. This is kind of "OLD" but still very relevant. Its been on a shelf in the basement for several years but the (CPU350) 90-30 is still being used and will be for another 10 - 20 years. I need $300 cash for what you see here. It all works. CPU350 and 24 VDC Input (Toggle Switches) & Output (LEDs) Modules, Relay module wired to the BCD Display An analog I/O module with the Inputs wired to a Pot. For the price shown I will include the old type 1 Ethernet Module and Adapter shown in the photo. The price does not include shipping. For an additional $50 I will include a "Cheater Cable" for programming through the serial port and a Demo DVD of Proficy ME, the Programming software. For an additional $100 dollars I will include a Serial cable with the RS-485 to RS-232 adapter and the Demo DVD. Shipping is additional and if paid by check or money order, I may wait to ship until the check clears the issuing bank. You should contact me at 14 russ (at) g mail (dot) com [No spaces and replace ( ) with proper characters. Please reply to negotiate pricing, I have different CPUs also.
  4. Ifix

    iFix does use that file extension. You can contact your local supplier to get a demo DVD of the latest version. If you can get a backup of the system, It may be more cost effective to hire someone to export the tag database for you though.

  5. Go to or software and purchase a driver for SNP communications for the serial connection and a driver for SRTP for the Ethernet Comms. It may be better to look into using an OPC server instead of writing your own. What you know of the AB PLC may not be relevant to the 90-70, so do not make assumptions but rather verify everything. :) There is lots of info on

  6. This could be done with the GEIP combination of RXi and iPC, not the least costly but it could be done as you wish. RXi - iPC - The iPC can be mounted on top of the RXi.

  7. I doubt that you will be able to calculate speed on a TCP/IP network with any accuracy, too many variables. Looks good in theory and it should be much faster than serial but the data sent via MB-TCP/IP is miniscule compared to the overhead of Ethernet. Of course this needs to take into account any errors introduced or other traffic on the network. As to 10 or 100 that will be determined by the network, your selection and implementation of cabling, routers and switches. You will need to consult with those suppliers to get the best performance. Is it sequential or parallel? Again that is somewhat determined by the architecture of the Master device and how many "channels" it can handle, most will be 8,16, 32 or more. Plus what other traffic is on the network? If you have options and must have the fastest communications available today or a deterministic throughput look at Gigabit Profinet.

  8. I can help with some of your requests. First is getting the backups from that vintage 90-30 can be done with the current version of Proficy Machine Edition Standard Software. Anytime a program needs to be loaded into a new processor, it will operate the same. See this link: To find your nearest dealer use this link: For training begin here, also look into their online training or youtube tutorials as it may be all you need. Also contact your suppler and ask if they have training available. If you are an OEM ask them about the OEM Edge and Solution Provider programs, if you qualify one will be just right for you.

  9. You should have the empty slots, or it is not difficult to add another rack for future expansion, it need not be on a conversion rack. I do not see much choice with labor the way it is today. :) What this does is eliminate the labor of wiring all of the RX3i replacement I/O modules and then troubleshooting proper termination. You will still need to verify that there is an equivalent RX3i module for each 90-70 module displaced.

  10. Either contact GEIP directly or your nearest distributor, for a Demo DVD, both links are here:
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  11. I hope this does not confuse anyone, but to add to this: VersaMax is a hardware family of PLCs, that includes many types of remote I/O and Micro PLCs. VersaPro is an old family of PLC programming software which was used for 90-30, 90-70 and VersaMax. It runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP. Proficy as stated, is the modern version of GE-IP's development software for PLC, PAC, QuickPanel View CE and QPView PC HMI systems. (There is no Tag limit to the QuickPanel View PC product but it is sold by the Tag count.) Cimplicity is an old name for what is now Proficy, along with Steve's definition above.

  12. VersaPro has been obsolete for about 10 years but it is still owned and sold by GEIP. it is not legally available for download. However you may be able to find a GE distributor with an old demo copy you can get. For VersaMax you need to purchase Proficy Machine Edition software.

  13. LM90 will not run directly on Windows 7 64 bit. I do run it in a XP Mode virtual machine on mine though. There are other software Virtual machines available but this one comes with a free Windows XP license, the others do not. You would have been money ahead to have stayed with the GE IP PLC/PAC line and Proficy ME though.

  14. Get Proficy Machine Edition Micro/Nano Development software for the PLC, for FAPT Ladder you will need to go to Fanuc USA as GE and Fanuc have split ways. Also: The Series 90 Micro Manual is here. If you get Proficy ME you may need this too: Click Downloads > Firmware Update and Search on S90 and get firmware version 3.10 which is a must for Proficy ME. The "Cheater" cable here will work with it.