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  1. you seem to have some history of getting Quickdesigner and cables,  i have orginal .prj file, that i want to install on another used TCP panel as a spare.  I haven't bought the used screen yet, but will if i can get a copy of the software and a cable to download it into the screen.  I am not making any changes, just copying what i have on our old screen.  Any help or advice i would appreciate it.


    corey schram 



  2. Code Conversion

    Please see reply at:  
  3. Proficy Machine Edition 9.5

    If they were programmed in Ladder Logic then PME 9.5 certainly "should" work to upload from an old Series-90 Micro without error if programmed with one of the 'normal' GE packages either LogicMaster90 or VersaPro. PME 9.50 would not work if programmed with some third party 'ware or Cimplicity Control. Also to download to them you will need to update the firmware to the latest, IIRC version 3.10.
  4. You should be able to find your answers here: You may need to narrow the search by entering more info in the "Search box" such as "RTU" or "Modbus"
  5. I know little about the epm 5500 but you should either contact the person who changed the password or ask GE if the whole unit can be reset back to "factory defaults", including the password. Although then you may need to change all parameters.
  6. Proficy Machine Edition 9.0

    Instead of looking for additional help use the Online Help in Proficy ME. ~ Open a project ~ Go to 'View' > Toolchest ~ LD Instructions ~ Under Timers select the type* of 'Timer' you want and press F1 for details and examples. * If you make sure that the "Companion Window" is open as you do this it will give a brief description. ** Be sure to pay attention to "Supported CPUs" as the one you have does not support every Timer in PME.  
  7. GE Cimplicity Script Text Object

    You may want to ask that question here:    
  8. ifix 5.5 to SAP integration

    This site has lots of information for you: or you may want to ask the question under the menu heading "Community" near the top of page.  
  9. Using Proficy on older systems

    This was put on the GE Support site a few days age:  
  10. Using Proficy on older systems

    The people here will be able to help with that:  
  11. BIU card in PLC 6 +

    " so is there any way to leave the DC drives without changing and change only the PLC ?  " I believe that given enough time and money there is always a way, however, as Steve indicated it will likely be more efficient to update all of the 25+ year old hardware rather than spending time and money to interface it now only to be forced to replace it when it could quit working at any moment.  
  12. VersaPro Professional Edition

    I give you the same answer: It sounds like your supplier gave you a price for the "LD PLC Professional", ask for Proficy Logic Developer PLC Standard instead. Get a demo DVD of Proficy ME from them too or call GEIP for one, it will run for 4 days after each install of the software. GE-IP can also give you a 30 day trial license, after you get the Demo DVD and install the software call them: Try this link: Or:
  13. Using Proficy on older systems

    Proficy is very backwards compatible with LogicMaster and with its self but not with other programming packages used by GE Fanuc/GE processors. I don't know what is meant by ControlST but if you mean the old Cimplicity Control, then not so much but here is the procedure.  Search here for more information on this.
  14. Cant delete logic component

    AFAIK it can't be done. In the past your only option would be to start a NEW project and copy ONLY the View objects from the old into the new.  
  15. How to Search and Replace IO addresses for variables

    The faster, maybe better way is to learn how to use the "Toolchest". With it you can link code and later if needed edit the 'Toolchest' and update them all. Or copy from the 'Toolchest' with offsets, etc.