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  1. They didnt tell me how unfortunately 
  2. TechConnect fixed the corruption issue 
  3. Hello, My coworker and I are commissioning a new panel. We have a 1732-AENTR series C remote IO thats Rev 6.1. The project file from a previous identical panel has the module at rev5.3 in the project tree. I downloaded the AOP and ran the installer, it worked no issues. My co worker then did the same thing but now the module is unrecognized in the project tree and the module is missing after installing the AOP. Im concerned he corrupted something. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the AOP but no luck. It works on my computer but not his? TechConnect said something about corrupting the aop core. My coworker did the first install and he was getting confused about zip files and the virtual machine we run rsl5k on. Maybe he broke it? any suggestions?
  4. I started with slc. Also slc is older than I am.
  5. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    We like to add all of the specific parameters needed in the electrical drawings. I also like to keep a printout of all the parameters. https://rexel-cdn.com/Products/39E62596-1DCC-4029-9363-F11286CC741A/39E62596-1DCC-4029-9363-F11286CC741A.pdf
  6. Micrologix 3 counters

  7. password unlock tool

    We had an issue with a password protected PLC and after contacting the OEM they provided the password that they forgot to remove. But stealing intellectual property is illegal so you may have to factory reset the PLC and remake the program. 
  8. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

    The Tripplite keyspan usb serial adapter + a null modem adapter for my serial cable
  9. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

    Thanks guys. I got the adapter in the mail and it worked right out of the box. I was about to start pulling whats left of my hair out!
  10. cylindrical grinding machine programs

    Have you tried contacting the OEM?
  11. Fx3u ethernet

    You would want to use serial communication. My only experience using the enet-adp is sending read requests from an IQ-R plc to the enet-adp. 
  12. GXWorks2 - FX3U Special Module

    can you give me the model #/name of the modules you have?
  13. Click on the device tab of connected components workbench and select update firmware.
  14. They use the same hardware as everyone else. Robots, plc, cameras, ect. Most of the vehicles are attached to a car/train like Bruce says. as it goes down the line robots perform steps of a program and report back to a PLC and sometimes a cognex camera will take a picture of your parts.
  15. Can you verify youre doing the steps starting at p25 of this manual? You can plug the module into any spot but you have to specify where in your project file. https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/qr/9328-qr001_-en-e.pdf