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I'm working with Studio5000 and read the following in the compare instruction help section:

"Tip: Immediate string literals are only applicable to the CompactLogix 5380, CompactLogix 5480, ControlLogix 5580, Compact GuardLogix 5380, and GuardLogix 5580 controllers."

What the heck is a "Literal string"? I understand that STRING data type is numbers and letters, but I don't know what a literal string is.

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variables and constants are memory locations accessible by name. literal type is neither. it is a hardcoded value of whatever type

if today=="Friday" then
    MsgBox("almost there...")

unlike today, "Friday" is a literal... it is a hardcoded value that is not accessible by name.


same goes for any other data type (INT, REAL, BOOL...)

if error=TRUE then 

TRUE is a literal, error is either a variable or constant


A= B + 7

A is a variable (this is an assignment and if it was a constant, this line would cause a fault), B could be either a constant or variable, 7 is a literal

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So when the help section says string literals only apply to the L8 controllers, I'm assuming they mean you can't use a string literal in L7 and below controllers. Would a date in STRING format (such as "10JAN2021") be considered an example of a string literal?

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