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  1. Thank you boss ,   :)
  2. cc @Michael Walsh       
  3. Hi dear , may anyone can help me.. My Computer has broken so all my software include cx programmer and Designer has been disappear. Where i can get free software CX One for free , thank a lot .. Best Regard
  4. Dear Sir,

    I have a machine on which Omron PLC CP1H Cpu XA installed.
    I upload its program via CX programmer and then download to other same part and serial number PLC   
    but it shows Program is Binary and PLC is in BCD mode.
    I also compile uploaded program it show so 110 errors and 74 warning..

    Please assist us to resolve the above said matter.

    I will be thankful for your assistance.

    Thanks & regards,

    Raza Hussain

    1. uun


      Sorry I have never encountered a problem like this. can you share to me as to what the programm ?


  5. Using Rotary Encoder

    iya, thanks om Gan ...
  6. Using Rotary Encoder

    Thanks a lot
  7. Using Rotary Encoder

    Ok thank brother, can you tell to me, sample program on PLC for read output from Rotary encoder ..
  8. Using Rotary Encoder

    @innoaloe thanks bro,, relly you indonesian ?? Indonesianya mana Om Gan ,,  balesnya pakai bahasa indo aja ya , biar ane juga paham 
  9. Using Rotary Encoder

    sorry for tag you on my post,  i hope you will be fast to give me solution  ,,,  because you're admin at here  Thank for your attention @Crossbow
  10. Using Rotary Encoder

  11. Using Rotary Encoder

    Hello dear, may i need some help .. I want to use a rotary encoder for my CJ2M CPU32 , but i don't know what anything must i prepare for it. such as type slot for plc and what kind program for read pulse from rotary encoder ... Thanks before  
  12. How to Send data CJ2M cpu31 to PC

    Usually i use CX PROGRAMMER to read/write program and i use conection via USB wire.. Now In this case i want to read plc via INTERNET IP ( because i want to monitoring from office )