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  1. Hi,

    I'm using your CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212 to talk to a Carel temperature controller.
    Ive got it talking to a CS1 PLC using the protocol macro, but I cant get it to talk to my CP1L-E using the Easy Modbus.
    Any idea where i might be going wrong? I've attached a copy of the programme.

    Thanks in advance


    Carel - CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212.cxp

  2. I believe the answer may be more in depth. Microsoft has released 9 versions of Windows 10 so far.  These are build versions (1507, 1703), not Enterprise, Home, etc. Newer versions of 10 do require updated USB drivers, which can be obtained using the Omron Automation Software Updater included in CX One and SYSMAC Studio. I believe the change in the driver is because Microsoft has started to require drivers to be digitally signed, and some of the drivers in SYSMAC Studio were not signed.
  3. Dear PMCR, 

    I am chandru from Singapore and have been working for Omron PLC programming for 10 years. 

    I have been recently trying to establish communication between Omron CS PLC and SICK ATR portal by RS422, full duplex , ASCII communication (max 50 bytes send & receive) . The communications are up , but the following problems are faced and i need your kind assistance;

    1. How to use 2 or more PMCR instruction in the program

    2. How to configure the SCU -31 unit to notify to CPU whenever receive the message from the host

    3. How to avoid clash between send and Receive messages by using more than one PMCR

    4. How the CPU unit knows when there is a message received by the SCU




  4. Hi PMCR, thank you for sharing your experience. I have Omron CJ2M PLC with SCU32 communication unit and 34 3G3MX2 drives with repeater. I need to reed VFD status, reset fault, and write the speed. I tried your sample code version 2.12 with a single VFD, but in my test application it works inconsistent. I have got communication in the first time, I could control the drive. After program modification and downloading  I have lost communication (It was restored only once, and lost again). I didn't find any correlation between my action and communication presence ( I tested dual port program version). I cleaned PLC memory and initialized PLC without any luck.  Please advise where to look. Thank you in advance.

  5. Omron FH-L550 Camera controller

    Which Field Output tool are you using? I am going to assume it is PLC Link - Mitsubishi. If so, there is a Command / Response area outlined in manual Z342-E1-07 which is how you transfer data to the FHL. Commands to Write Data has a command 0050 1000 which is Set Unit Data. Each tool has an External Reference Table, which shows the numerical value for each item in a given tool. The External Reference Table is in manual Z341-E1-08.  
  6. Using the latest Kepware OPC server is the best choice. Using CJ style addresses in the AT column works, but string data types would be a problem. The NJ stores strings internally in high / low byte order differently than a CJ.  A string of ABCD stored in an NJ read using a CJ address based driver would show up as BADC in the client software. This is the reason that devices such as the NB HMI have an NJ/NX driver selection when using the FINS protocol.  The driver knows that strings are stored differently.  I don't remember if any other data types are affected, but the Kepware OPC server that supports the NJ by tag name some solves the issue.
  7. Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC  When you turn it on the FLT light flashes and battery LED also solid on. i need help 

  8. Hi I am trying to write integer data from omron CJ2h-CPU65EIP to Micrologix 1400, using cmd instruction,

    I came to know about your blog on this website, if you can guide me though it, that will be great help,

    I have downloaded that sample code and made a setup accordingly, but I am sure I am missing something important so I get errors.

    I want to understand few things from you if you can help me with the code. I have attached the code which you have suggested on that discussion thread for your reference

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    MicroLogix Explicit Message 105.cxp

  9. Supermon

    Version 5.5


    Omron Serial Snooping Software
  10. Hi PMCR

    I trying to conect Weighing Indicator "Mettler Toledo" IND331 with SCU-41. My plan is to communicate 3 unit IND331 with RS485, so I can read the weight.

    I read that IND331 must be set to Modbus RTU, so I can give node to each Weigher.
    Can you give an tutorial to help me? I have download your Modbus Tuturial, but the problem has not been solved

    Best regards


  11. Hi PMCR,


    I'm working with an OMRON CP1L-L with the CP1W-CIF12 RS-485 Serial Communication Card and I want to read and write to a Filler Conrtroller of Micromotion, model 1500 with the option of Modbus RTU. I verified the Micromotion with Simply Modbus Master and I can read and write to some register without any problem.

    I setup the Serial Port 1 on the OMRON to Serial Gateway with all the same parameters of the Comm setting on the Micromotion. When I entered the values in the DM32300, 32301, 32302 and 32303, I force the bit A0640.0 at ON and I saw the light coming on momentarily. The bit at A0640.02 turned ON after few seconds and the value at the DM32352 get 0080 for timeout. Does that mean that I only have to increase the Time Response on Serial Port 1 ?

    Plus, do you know if there's a Modbus Slave Function Block for the comm RS-485?  I think that I need to use the CRC16 FB ?




  12. Version 2.50


    EtherNet/IP Error codes definition Troubleshooting steps for Sysmac Studio and the Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP
  13. EtherNet/IP Error Code Decoder View File EtherNet/IP Error codes definition Troubleshooting steps for Sysmac Studio and the Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP Submitter PMCR Submitted 03/14/16 Category Tech and Application Notes
  14. I am trying to connect a Red Lion G307K HMI to Omron NJ controller. I have read the forum on past set up but I am a little lost when setting it up.

  15. Omron E5CN & Labview

    The actual Modbus protocol does not use the absolute address in the protocol, but the relative address within the memory area. The Holding registers are 40,001 and higher. Modbus Function Code 03 (Read Holding Register) is used to read the holding registers.  Then in the address part of the Modbus message, you specify which holding register to read. From the Modbus spec, relative address 0000 (when using Function Code 03) is absolute address 40,001. It sounds to me like the Siemens PLC is allowing you to specify the absolute address. The E5CN uses function code 03 to read variables. So I believe all you need to do is add 40,001 to the addresses in the E5CN manual, and the Siemens PLC will correctly address the E5CN.