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Hi All

I have a problem using the tag based alarms on studio 5000 V32. 

PLC is a Compactlogix 5380 (V32)

HMI is Panelview 5310 (V5)

I have used these on another system with the same components and they worked great with no issues. 

On this particular system however i am unable to read the alarm message in the "alarm summary" or "alarm manager" page on the HMI.  

The column is there and i know how to add and delete the columns i require and don't need.

All other data can be read such as alarm name, time, severity, Alarm state image ect but under the Alarm messages column it is just blank. 

I have tried increasing the size of the column for the Alarm messages as well as shortening the message to just a single letter and i still can't see it. 

I have tried adding the HMI to the IO tree. 

i have tried using the medium sized alarm summary instead of the large. 

What confuses me the most is i have a made similar system and its running perfectly and from what i can see this should too as it seems to be all the same. 

I was hoping someone may point me in a direction to look toward or maybe some one has had a similar problem before. 





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Trevor - Tag Based Alarms are a "relatively new" feature to the RA way of doing things and very few have experimented with them.

I myself have not but enjoy reading the posts and learning what you "bleeding edge" folks are doing to make the Software Work and Work Better.

I'd advise you visit the RA Forum and/or contact your Distributor tech support folks on this one.  And then please do share what you learn with the rest of us.

P.S. - I making this post to ping interest and hopefully catch the eye of a couple others I know have played with Tag Based Alarms.

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PLC at v32 and an old PV at v5.  I would be concerned with compatibility.  You should check, maybe it's a simple upgrade of the PV firmware.

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The PV 5310 is the newer family that's programmed from within Logix Designer. My v32 software defaults to v6 for a new HMI, so I don't think v5 would be all that old. It would certainly be worth checking the FW versions of the stuff that works compared to the stuff that doesn't, though.

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