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  1. Hi all  Managed to find the reason why this happened today.  Language in the view designer project was set to English(australia) not English(united states) as the studio 5000 (PLC) project was.  This resulted in the alarms coming up but no message with the alarms.    Only took me a year and a half to work out. 
  2. Hi All I have an issue with 2 controllogix L61 controllers.  I needed to change the battery in controller 1. Controller 2 is a spare.   Instead of paying for the genuine battery (which i probably should but i'm trying to be cheap) i soldered a 3v battery with tabs on to the old wires. Battery reads 3.6v at the plug.  When i plug battery into both plc's the battery light on the PLC is on and will not go off.  The battery acts as if its flat as it does not hold memory when powered off.  What i find really unusual is in rslogix5000 the battery indicator reads ok even though the plc bat light is on. The second i disconnect the battery then it appears in the program as battery disconnect.  I don't understand how the plc battery light on the plc and the one in rslogix5000 show different and how its the same across the 2 plc's i have. Trevor          
  3. Hi All I have a problem using the tag based alarms on studio 5000 V32.  PLC is a Compactlogix 5380 (V32) HMI is Panelview 5310 (V5) I have used these on another system with the same components and they worked great with no issues.  On this particular system however i am unable to read the alarm message in the "alarm summary" or "alarm manager" page on the HMI.   The column is there and i know how to add and delete the columns i require and don't need. All other data can be read such as alarm name, time, severity, Alarm state image ect but under the Alarm messages column it is just blank.  I have tried increasing the size of the column for the Alarm messages as well as shortening the message to just a single letter and i still can't see it.  I have tried adding the HMI to the IO tree.  i have tried using the medium sized alarm summary instead of the large.  What confuses me the most is i have a made similar system and its running perfectly and from what i can see this should too as it seems to be all the same.  I was hoping someone may point me in a direction to look toward or maybe some one has had a similar problem before.    Trevor    
  4. Yes i have thank you. I have been in contact with their Australian agent however i have only received the EtherNetIP Manual (Which i believe is missing a few key pieces of information). 
  5. Hi All  i am wondering if anyone here has successfully managed to connect there Rockwell Compactlogix or Controllogix PLC to a Wipotec OCS checkweigher via EtherNetIP. Our company purchased this checkweigher and optioned for the embedded EtherNetIP communication module.  Unfortunately i am struggling to understand the manual they supplied and i am unable to get hold of the EDS file anywhere.  I can see the checkweigher in RSLINX with the yellow question mark, the Device Properties stated as below.  Device Name : Wipotec Vendor : 9999  Product Type : 43 Product Code: 1.002 Serial Number: 0089A76 EDS File Name: 270F002B00C801XX.EDS   Does this mean that the EDS file has already been uploaded somehow and is already on my PC? I dont have the option to "upload EDS file from device" If anyone has any code or any documentation they used it would help a lot.  I have connected compactlogix using EtherNetIP to multiple vendors in the past with no issues, it is only this vendor that i am struggling with.  Thank you  Trevor   
  6. HMI Scratch Repair methods?

    Hi all I found today our panelview 5310 (12") has a large scratch right across the screen. It really sucks because i only installed it just recently. Does any one know any tricks that can be used to lessen the look of the damage? My main worry is that the second there is a scratch it becomes old and then nobody looks after it. I have got screen protectors on the way.   
  7. PID Control Loop

    Maybe i am wrong how ever i was always taught that running the pump at 50hz (higher speed) assuming the system can handle the higher flow rate would result in a more efficient transfer through the HE.  As far as i can see from your diagram PV would be temp senser 1 until after valve 1 closes, then PV would have to be moved to Temp sensor 2 to allow for the temp increase in the HE before going to the machine.   
  8. Hi All I find my self in the middle of a project where i am required to use 12 sew movigear motor/vsd's controlled over EtherNet IP by a Rockwell 5069-L330ER.  I dont have any expirence with these and as such was wondering if any one here has any pointers or better yet, a sample program that i would be able to go through to help teach me.  I have gone through the manual however im still a little confused as to some points. I would like to be able to start, stop and control speed, acc, dec ect like i can with a Powerflex 525 if its possible.  Trevor
  9. Is the hmi connected over ethernet? If so i have never done this before but have asked rockwell as it was a plan for an upcoming project.   The answer i got was that it shouldn't be a problem. Because ccw only allows you to have 1 hmi at a time, try open it in a separate project and add the tags manually. or save as the project under a different name and then create the second hmi in that separate file.    
  10. Thanks Joe That's what i would assume. It doesn't seem right to me that you buy the latest version and then all older models are now redundant so you can't get access to them.  It's very possible i am doing this all wrong. I don't understand why like other software its not backwards compatible in terms of version 32 being able to do all versions of plc firmware upto 32. It must be nuts requiring 20 versions of the same software. When i read this technote i understood it as im only able to get a minimum of version 20. If there is a way im able to rehost the licence or any other options im very open the hearing about it. i'm only 3 days experienced with everything so it it is possible i'm missing something. 
  11. Hi all I have just entered the extremely frustrating world of Studio/rslogix5000.  After fighting for 2 years i have managed to convince management to purchase studio 5000 standard edition version 32 for our site.  I was extremely happy until i found out that the 1756-L61/B controllogix i was trying to upload from wasnt in the version 32 library.  After some reading online i found i was able to download version 20 for free and use that. So off i went to our machine to try upload the program when i find the firmware of the PLC is version 17 After downloading version 17 of rslogix i found that my activation is invalid and that i only have a 7 day grace period.  After some more reading i find that i am only able to get a minimum of version 20 for my version 32 licence.  If this is all correct, my question is then in regards to flashing the firmware of the plc before my 7day (now 3 day) grace period ends.  The rack consist of a few input and output modules, a Ethernet bridge module and a sercos 8 axis motion control module.  Would flashing the firmware on the CPU to version 20 effect any of those modules? would i have to flash the firmware of them too?  Am i doing something wrong to only be getting version 20 and 32 not 17?  Trevor      
  12. Hi all I have a project where i am building a bread softness tester.  To do this i am using a smc electric actuator and an A&D scale. The electric actuator will push down on a slice onto an A&D scale.  A micro830 plc is then reading the data from the scale and storing the real variable in an array 80values long.  I would like to display on the hmi (panelview800) the peak/maximum value in the array. I am struggling on how to do this though and have not found much information online. any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Trevor
  13. Hello We have a machine called a tweedy mixer in a bread plant. It has 3x  SLC5/04 plc's and 2 Xycom industrial pc's running wonderware intouch 7. The system communicates over DH+. The issue  i have is that the DH+ network is obsolete and we require a new Industrial pc to replace a broken unit. unfortunately you cant not buy an industrial pc with DH+ anymore so we have had to use a prosoft AX-X2-AB to convert from DH+ to Ethernet.   This network seems to lag though and i would say the commands take around 10 seconds to reach the plc through the prosoft converter.  unfortunately that lag renders the machine completely useless. i have used multiple PC's and the issue hasnt resolved it self. I am wondering if there is anything i could check or do to try speed up the network. or if this lag is to be expected. I would also like to know if some one else has a similar system and if its running perfectly.  I look forward to your reply  Trevor
  14. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Thank you for your reply.  I will look into using a counter set up or running 2 timers.  Seems like rslogix500 will take some getting used too. 
  15. Hi all I am brand new to rslogix500 I am a little confused as to the maximum value that can be placed into TON pre and acc. Being 16bits it should be 65535 how ever my current program has 32767 will increasing the value cause a problem. I cant see why you would want to have a negative number in a timer. Look forward to your reply Trevor