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  1. NB HMI Macro

    Hello there. How to transfer data from one memory area to another using macro ?   Data Type - Double Word Length - 4 Format - BIN Integer - 3, Decimal - 1   From Area - D To Area - LW

    Hi, I've been trying to use the number display on NB designer HMI. it is connected to an NX1 Controller with sysmac studio as the automation software. I have a timer on my program and i want to display it to my hmi screen. However, the screen of tge number display keeps on blinking with "****" and random numbers and not showing the elapsed time of my timer in plc. Thanks in advance! 
  3. NB DESIGNER Number Input

    Hello,  I done connect HMI NB7W series to PLC CP1E and just using input and output (0,0 and 100,00) and i can send data from weighing scale to PLC CP1E with RS232 communication. My Question is, if i want to send data from HMI NB7W to PLC CP1E but must input the new data first using number input in HMI NB7W, can i send a new data with RS232 communication (like send data from weighing scale to PLC CP1E)? so i can save the new data to memory in CP1E. I use NB Designer Software and CX Programmer software. If possible, can you tell me how to do it?  Thank you Riandanu
  4. NB7W System Error

    I’m programming a OMRON NB7W-TW01B with NBDesigner and after I download to the HMI updates I made to the program, when the HMI initializes it shows “[0] System Error” for a while and then it disappears, not showing again until the next reboot.   The manual only says it is an HMI internal error and nothing more, leaving me clueless about what I can do to fix this issue… I already have updated the kernel and rootfs of the HMI, nothing changed.   What do you guys think the issue is, what should I check to try to fix this problem?   Thank you very much for the help.
  5. There is barely any mention of multifunction components in the NBDesigner manual, so I am asking this here. How would I go about setting a word in the PLC (say, setting word D92 to zero), by pushing the multifunction component on an HMI screen? I have tried the setup shown in the attached image, but it does not seem to work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?