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  1. Dear Team,   We are looking for a suggestion to drive a motor which is away about 2100 Meter from its starter. The Pump is located in a pond in the forest which is 2000 Meters away from the nearest building. The pump capacity is 55kW and we are considering 55kW HD VFD as a starter. As we see the distance is much higher we are looking for you valuable suggestion about how this thing is gonna work without any abnormalities.
  2. Hello there, I have installed TIA Portal V16. There is a logic programming language called "Graph" in the siemens TIA Portal. This language is not installed by default in the TIA Portal. How to install that language Graph Language in TIA Portal ? Refer Images:-  
  3. NB HMI Macro

    Thank you very much @photovoltaic
  4. NB HMI Macro

      Thank you very much.
  5. NB HMI Macro

      @photovoltaic   Because I want to transfer almost 150 different addresses. So I guess it will be easy to use macro.
  6. NB HMI Macro

    Hello there. How to transfer data from one memory area to another using macro ?   Data Type - Double Word Length - 4 Format - BIN Integer - 3, Decimal - 1   From Area - D To Area - LW
  7. Hello there,   I have developed a project in Control Expert before 3-4 Months. Now I have to open that project backup (.stu file) in another computer with the same version of the control expert software. The project is opening successfully but I am getting errors from DTM, Because I have used 3 external EDS files for third-party Ethernet IP devices while the development. Now I do have only txt version of that three eds filed which I have used while developing the project.   Is there any why to add eds using that txt version of eds to get rid of the DTM errors ? Please refer attached images.
  8. I want to establish Ethernet IP communication between the following PLC CPUs. Schneider Electric - BMEP582040 Honeywell - ControlEdge UOC CPU900-CP1. Where the Schneider must be master and Honeywell must ne adapter. Let me know if anyone have done this or can help me to do so.
  9. Need help with Timer Logic

    Already sorted this out, mark this thread closed. I have used an Integer Tag to fulfill the required logic. If anyone needs the same logic, revert back to me I will send it.
  10. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    According to the full-scale resolution of the module, you will get the AI_RAW in a channel-specific address.   (if the module resolution 1:1000) you will get 0 for 4mA and 1000 for 20mA in the appropriate CIO Address. (if the module resolution 1:4000) you will get 0 for 4mA and 4000 for 20mA in the appropriate CIO Address. (if the module resolution 1:8000) you will get 0 for 4mA and 8000 for 20mA in the appropriate CIO Address.   RAW MIN = 0 RAW MAX = (1000/4000/8000 according to module resolution)   AI RAW = Your channel address (for your case I guess somewhere between CIO2001 to CIO2100) (You can check by monitoring the CIO area after sourcing any channel to find exact address because I am not very much familiar with Omron Addressing)   if you want to scale the analog input in 0 to 25000. SCAL MIN = 0 SCAL MAX=25000/
  11. Suppose your flow unit is M3/Hr. Convert this value to M3/Sec. (This is easy) Now accumulate this value at every second. (at the rising edge of per second bit, hope you know how to do so) Call this function at every second ---- M3= (M3)+(M3/Sec) And you know how to convert M3 to liters, right ?   (Disclaimer - This will not give the 100% right value because there is something called scan time in the PLC.)  
  12. Display Integer from FB CX-Programmer

    Hello @Link068 For the testing, Can you send me the backup?
  13. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    Hello @salah9719   I have attached the screenshot of the Function Block. (So you can figure out what are the input tags and output tags for this function block) Here is the logic of that block.   SCALED_OP:= (((SCAL_MAX-SCAL_MIN)*(INT_TO_REAL(AI_RAW)-INT_TO_REAL(RAW_MIN)))/(INT_TO_REAL(RAW_MAX)-INT_TO_REAL(RAW_MIN)))+SCAL_MIN; SCALED_OP_INT:= REAL_TO_INT(SCALED_OP);   Hope this helps.
  14. Need help with Timer Logic

    @chelton The BOOL tag will go high only when TON_1 running, and I will reset that BOOL tag as soon as TON_2 Starts. SO the cycle can run continuously.
  15. Need help with Timer Logic

    @Michael Walsh @BobLfoot @panic mode