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  1. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    If anyone looking for the solution, follow these instructions by @BobLfoot and study Bubble Sort algorithm and you are done. Happy to Help...  
  2. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    Logic has been successfully implemented on site and running satisfactory. I have used Bubble Sort algorithm to sort pump array by run hour at every auto start. Given same frequency command to all running pump from PID (Load Sharing).
  3. Thanks, we will try to simulate PIDFF.
  4. Can you please explain me how to use Derivative in PID Control ? along with that please explain about Feed Forward, my plc have function block called PIDFF.   Solar Radiation value is also available in PLC if it is required to overcome this problem.
  5. Hello Everyone. We have Schneider TM241 PLC Along with Citect SCADA System at 100MWp Solar Power Plant to monitor and control various equipments like Inverters, Switch-Yard, MFMs, Weather Monitoring Systems etc... Government Authority here asked every solar plant to control the generation as per the instructions by Load Dispatch Center, for that we need to implement logic to control Generation as per requirement. For that we are controlling generation from inverters by giving them generation setpoints calculated by PLC using PID function.   But we are facing one problem while using PID. (FB_PID of Toolbox Library)   Suppose we need to generate only 60MW out of 100MW. So we set PID setpoint to 60MW and according to that we get PID output and according to that PID output value we provide generation setpoint to every inverters.   This system works very fine until the clouds comes into the picture.   Now suppose Setpoint of PID is 60MW and PV is also near about 60MW, and suddenly large cloud comes over plant and block solar radiation.   In this case generation comes down to 10MWp(or any value below 60MW), So output of PID will Increase and keep increasing and settle at the Maximum value. but without solar radiation generation value stays very down then Setpoint.   Now suddenly Cloud moves and again solar radiation increase, but the PID output is maximum at that time so, Suddenly Generation goes from 10MW to near about maximum capacity (100MW) instead of 60MW, and then it will slowly comes down to 60MW.   We need to rectify this generation shoot up when cloud moves. Anyone have idea how can we solve this problem or anyone have programmed PID in this kind of situation.   Is there any function block available to do this correctly like function block of PID with two Reference or something like that...   We are using TM241 which is CoDeSys based PLC.
  6. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    Do you have sample backup or any documents ?
  7. Did you have any example backup ? I am looking for the same logic...
  8. Hello Everyone... I got a project of pumping station... Need your help to fulfill client requirements through PLC logic...   #System# There are 6 pumps, every pump is Controlled by Individual VFD, and all 6 VFDs are in Communication with PLC. Output header is common for all pumps, and a Pressure Transmitter is connected at output header...   #Logic Requirements# Now when we start sequence in auto, the least run hour vfd should start first and increase the frequency slowly to maintain the pressure setpoint, now if vfd1 at 50hz and pressure is lower then the SP next vfd according to run hour should start and and increase frequency slowly, afterwords 3rd vfd according to runhour and so on untill pressure match SP, then maintain the pressure of header... If pressure increases above the setpoint, last started vfd should reduce rpm and shut down first and then second last started to shutdown and so on... And client also need enable-disbale logic, if they mark a pump disable then that pump should not start... Can you help me out and suggest anything, or provide some sample backups or documents ?
  9. Crack the Password of Omron PLC

      Company never support such cases, they are alternatively giving option to buy new PLC and HMI and reprogram the machine.
  10. Hello, One of my client have extruder machine, which is bought from china at least 10 years. Now one temperature control module is failed and we need to replace and re-configure it with new module. OEM is out of contact, and the PLC and HMI is protected with UM and task Read Password.   Is it possible to read or crack the Password ? (CPU Model CJ1M-CPU11) 
  11. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

      We have successfully establish communication over FINS between two PLC for above mention IP addresses. Now we are looking forward to communicate both PLC with a HMI.   We have NS5-TQ11-V2. We have to set IP Address of HMI to with Subnet of Please help to set up Ethernet, Host and IP address table in HMI for communication over FINS. Is anything need to do with PLC IP address table to establish communication ?  
  12. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

      Hello Michael, We have successfully establish FINS Communication between both PLCs using SEND and RECV Block with the following IP Addresses. PLC-A (Set Node Address 22 on PLC) IP- SUBNET- PLC-B (Set Node Address 23 on PLC) IP- SUBNET-   but when i change subnet mask from to, Communication was lost.   I have read thread mention by you many time, but i am still not getting that what will be my node number for above ip and subnet and how to setup IP address table and what will be my C+2 Parameter for RECV Block.  
  13. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Hello Michael,   We have successfully establish FINS Communication between both PLCs using SEND and RECV Block with the following IP Addresses. PLC-A IP- Subnet- PLC-B IP- Subnet-   but we have to set the following IP addresses to both the PLCs.   PLC-A  IP- SUBNET- PLC-B IP- SUBNET-   After setting above IP addresses we are unable to establish communication. Backup of both the PLC are attached here. Please Help us regarding this... PLC
  14. Hello Sir/Ma'am, Hope you and your family are safe in this Covin-19 Pandemic.   One of my client have a machine in their ceramic industry which has Omron PLC System. Here I am describing the PLC Hardware Structure. (CP1H-X40-DT1-D-SC) + (CP1W-40EDT) + (CP1W-DA041) CP1H-X40-DT1-D-SC (Main CPU Unit) CP1W-40EDT (First Expansion Module, on right side of the CPU) CP1W-DA041 (Second Expansion Module on right side of the CP1W-40EDT)   Client shutdown the machine before a month due to Corona Pandemic, and today restarted the machine.   Now the problem at the restart of machine... Analog Output of 0-10V DC are not sourcing from the attached analog output module for any of channels. (Used to control speed of AC Drive) We have checked the program, and verify that the program is moving the value in analog output register address, but still no output signal at the module.(Checked Using Multimeter) We have same machine at another factory so we have tried to replace the all 2 expansion module and observed that the first Digital Module is Working properly but only last analog output module is getting problem again.   I don't know much about OMRON PLC Programming so seeking for the help regarding this.   OEM have moved the data in CIO 106 for generating analog output, as well OEM has move #8099 in CIO 104 and CIO 105 at the first scan of program. I don't know very much about this programming, that's why i refer some manuals but didn't succeed yet.   Kindly help me out if possible... I have attached backup of program as well for reference...   Thanks...   Bobin Feeder.cxp