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  1. Hello Sir/Ma'am, Hope you and your family are safe in this Covin-19 Pandemic.   One of my client have a machine in their ceramic industry which has Omron PLC System. Here I am describing the PLC Hardware Structure. (CP1H-X40-DT1-D-SC) + (CP1W-40EDT) + (CP1W-DA041) CP1H-X40-DT1-D-SC (Main CPU Unit) CP1W-40EDT (First Expansion Module, on right side of the CPU) CP1W-DA041 (Second Expansion Module on right side of the CP1W-40EDT)   Client shutdown the machine before a month due to Corona Pandemic, and today restarted the machine.   Now the problem at the restart of machine... Analog Output of 0-10V DC are not sourcing from the attached analog output module for any of channels. (Used to control speed of AC Drive) We have checked the program, and verify that the program is moving the value in analog output register address, but still no output signal at the module.(Checked Using Multimeter) We have same machine at another factory so we have tried to replace the all 2 expansion module and observed that the first Digital Module is Working properly but only last analog output module is getting problem again.   I don't know much about OMRON PLC Programming so seeking for the help regarding this.   OEM have moved the data in CIO 106 for generating analog output, as well OEM has move #8099 in CIO 104 and CIO 105 at the first scan of program. I don't know very much about this programming, that's why i refer some manuals but didn't succeed yet.   Kindly help me out if possible... I have attached backup of program as well for reference...   Thanks...   Bobin Feeder.cxp
  2. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Don't know where to start... i have tried RECV but didn't  succeed yet...
  3. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Actually we have to give a demo to one of the our customer. We have to establish communication between 2 Controllers of Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens, AB and Omron each. Rest 4 are done, we are just stuck in OMRON only, as per the customers instructions we have to establish communication over FINS only not Ethernet/IP.
  4. Inter PLC Communication over FINS   I have got the link for Ethernet/IP transmission, but still looking for help to do this over FINS.
  5. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    I really don't know anything about cx-integrator,  can you please discribe how to do so ?
  6. Hello there, I am new to OMRON so need some help to communicate two PLC over FINS.   Here are the description of the system... (IO Table image is attached)   PLC1-  CJ2M-CPU33 IP- SUBNET- UNIT NO - 00 (set the dial available on the CPU in HEX) NODE - 22 (set the 2 dials available on the CPU in HEX) PLC2-  CJ2M-CPU33 IP- SUBNET- UNIT NO - 01 (set the dial available on the CPU in HEX) NODE - 23 (set the 2 dials available on the CPU in HEX)     Now, what i have to do is to transfer the D100 to D110 from PLC1 to PLC2's D200 to D210 and Transfer the D100 to D110 from PLC2 to PLC1's D200 to 210.   I have tried RECV and ECHRD blocks but didn't succeed yet.   Two CPU are connected over ethernet via a industrial switch.   Can you help me to achieve data transmission please...
  7. Batch Reporting in NB-Designer

    Hello Everyone... Is it possible to create below type of report in NB Series HMI (NB-Designer) ?   Template Below CYCLE START TIME CYCLE STOP TIME TIME TAKEN BY CYCLE (MIN) HIGHEST AI VALUE  (BAR) 05:39:00 06:39:00 60 555.5 06:40:00 06:45:00 15 556   I have Cycle bit in PLC, using rising and falling edge of that we can detect cycle start time and stop time. i have no idea of calculating time taken by cycle and how to determine highest scaled value of analog input during cycle...? is there any macro to write to do so...?
  8. Did you checked ?
  9. Along with that, how to assign address to my variables ? (In this backup, in Analog_Scaling Task, PT_Min,PT_Max,PT_Scaled) PLC.gx3
  10. Sure, in a bit... PLC.gx3
  11. Hello there, Today i have commissioned my first project with OMRON make PLC. Model: CP1L-EM40DT1D. (CX-Programmer) I have 2 built in 0-10V Analog Inputs on the plc. for analog input no-1 i get the digital value of 0-1000 in specific plc register address corresponding the 0-10V. (Factory setup) But today on site, i have noticed that some miner value of 0 to 50 is always coming and fluctuating very fast in that register, however the transmitter are genetaring 0.0V only (I have checked using digital multimeter with high precision) PLC and Transmitter are already grounded and all the cable connections are tight as well. so how to overcome this high fluctuating value ? is there any setting to filter the input ?
  12. Please Help me out...
  13. AI_RAW    Word [Signed]    VAR_INPUT RAW_MIN    Word [Signed]    VAR_INPUT RAW_MAX    Word [Signed]    VAR_INPUT SCAL_MIN    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_INPUT SCAL_MAX    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_INPUT SCALED_OP_REAL    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_OUTPUT SCALED_OP_INT    Word [Signed]    VAR_OUTPUT RAW_MIN_REAL    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR RAW_MAX_REAL    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR AI_RAW_REAL    FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR     ENO:=INT2FLT(TRUE,AI_RAW,AI_RAW_REAL); ENO:=INT2FLT(TRUE,RAW_MIN,RAW_MIN_REAL); ENO:=INT2FLT(TRUE,RAW_MAX,RAW_MAX_REAL); SCALED_OP_REAL:= (((SCAL_MAX-SCAL_MIN)*(AI_RAW_REAL-RAW_MIN_REAL))/(RAW_MAX_REAL-RAW_MIN_REAL))+SCAL_MIN; ENO:=FLT2INT(TRUE,SCALED_OP_REAL,SCALED_OP_INT);   Looks like above modification is correct...what you say ? but this is strange to create separate variable for each data conversion......
  14. Hello all, I am trying to write one FB for Analog Scaling in GX Works 3 Software for my Mitsubishi FX5U Plc... Unfortunately i am not aware very much about ST Language instructions of Mitsubishi Softwares. So the Code is Giving 5 Errors, i think the error are due to incorrect data conversion expressions, Can you please correct me with my code ? Here are the Variables RAW_MIN                   Word [Signed]                      VAR_INPUT RAW_MAX                  Word [Signed]                      VAR_INPUT SCAL_MIN                  FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_INPUT SCAL_MAX                FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_INPUT AI_RAW                      Word [Signed]                       VAR_INPUT SCALED_OP_REAL   FLOAT [Single Precision]    VAR_OUTPUT SCALED_OP_INT      Word [Signed]                       VAR_OUTPUT Here is the Code SCALED_OP_REAL:=(((SCAL_MAX-SCAL_MIN)*(INT2FLT(AI_RAW)-INT2FLT(RAW_MIN)))/(INT2FLT(RAW_MAX)-INT2FLT(RAW_MIN)))+SCAL_MIN; SCALED_OP_INT:= FLT2INT(SCALED_OP_REAL);
  15. How to handle floating numbers in CX Programmer ?

    As of now i am doing the same, in hmi it shows 10.9 and in plc i am doing all calculations as per 109.