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  1. OMRON CQM1H-CPU21 Serial Connection

    My Computer doesn't have a built-in Serial Port. I am using RS232 Serial to USB Converter to connect the Controller. What will be the communication cable scheme for using the convertor?
  2. Analog Input Filtering in OMRON

    Thank You.
  3. How to handle floating numbers in CX Programmer ?

    Done, Thank You.
  4. OMRON CQM1H-CPU21 Serial Connection

    Hello Sir / Ma'am,   How to connect Omron CQM1H-CPU21 (Image Attached) to the software for Configuration. I have tried it many times but I think I am missing something from the wiring side. Above mentioned Controller has a built-in Peripheral Port and an RS232 Port, We don't have that particular cable that connects the Controller to the Software via Peripheral Port. Kindly help me to connect the controller using the RS232 Convertor.   I am using ATC-810 RS232 to USB converter. (Image with all Pin Details attached) Software - Syswin or cx-programmer. (Upload failed, please use the below link of to see images)  
  5. Hold the value of High Speed Counter in CP1L-EM

    PV of High Speed Counters are not retentive for this PLC Controller. Got this done as discribed by @BobLfoot.   Just move the HSC PV to the Holding Area and move back that value to the PV again at the first scan cycle using INI instruction.   keep it mind - Use Double Word Everywhere.
  6. Hold the value of High Speed Counter in CP1L-EM

    I will check and let you know.
  7. Hold the value of High Speed Counter in CP1L-EM

    Okay, I will try it and let you know the results. Thank You.
  8. Hello There, Hope you are safe and Healthy. I am using Omon "CP1L-EM40DT1D" PLC controller for a cut-to-length type of application. for the measurement of length, I am using an inbuilt high-speed counter 0.   Now the problem, when the status of PLC changes from Power off to Power On the high-speed counter starts from 0. How to hold the pulse value of HSC0 at power restart ?    (I am using Differential Rotary Encoder, not absolute)
  9. Hello Everyone,   Make - OMRON HMI Model - NB7W-TW01B Software - NB Designer   Suppose I have more than one number input display on a screen of HMI. When I touch and enter the data in any one of them and press enter, the keyboard not closing automatically. in sted of auto close, the cursor moves to the next number input display to enter the data. How to auto-close the keyboard after entering the data in any number input display.
  10. Thanks for suggesting a good image-sharing website.
  11. Hello there,   I am using Schneider HMI for the past few years, it's very versatile and easy to design graphics.   Now i started using OMRON HMIs and found that is weird to draw graphics in Omron NB-Designer.   I have Example, Look at the attached screenshot of both software, in the case of Schneider if I stretch a button or any object it will remain in the same good shape. but in the case of Omron, if you stretch any object it doesn't remain in the original shape. (check the attached images.)   Please suggest Ideas about designing a good Omron Hmi, Sample backup is always welcome. The image link is below, I am not able to upload it here.  
  12. NB HMI and CP1L-E PLC RTC Setup

    Okay got it, only option is to use indirect registers.   It's strange, PLC & HMI both have RTC but no direct sync option available.
  13. NB HMI and CP1L-E PLC RTC Setup

    Hello,   How to SET the RTC of the CP1L-EM40 PLC Using NB7Q-TW01 HMI.   Is it any way to transfer the data of LW10000 to LW10005 (Which is RTC of HMI) to the Auxiliary area of PLC which stores the RTC of PLC ?
  14. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    If anyone looking for the solution, follow these instructions by @BobLfoot and study Bubble Sort algorithm and you are done. Happy to Help...