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  1. NB7W System Error

    I’m programming a OMRON NB7W-TW01B with NBDesigner and after I download to the HMI updates I made to the program, when the HMI initializes it shows “[0] System Error” for a while and then it disappears, not showing again until the next reboot.   The manual only says it is an HMI internal error and nothing more, leaving me clueless about what I can do to fix this issue… I already have updated the kernel and rootfs of the HMI, nothing changed.   What do you guys think the issue is, what should I check to try to fix this problem?   Thank you very much for the help.
  2. Problems updating an NS5-V1 firmware

    Hi Pdl, I remove the communication cable when I tried the update. About the formatting, I even tried in the CJ1. The CFs are both SanDisk, maybe is better to try a different brand of CFs and try your solution. Is there any other brand of CFs known for being better to use in the NSs. The problem is that I have to solve the problem in the next time or the client will stay very angry with me.
  3. Last week I tried to update 2 machines from a customer. For my shame I cannot accomplish that objective because of the firmware of the NS5. The NS5 is a SQ-00B-V1. The project is in version 8.0 so I tried to update the firmware from 5.0 to 8.0. I tried everything, I formatted the CF in FAT16, FAT32. And I even formatted the CF in a CJ1… and nothing. The result was always the same, blank screen and orange led. I tried with different CF, a 128MB and a 2GB (both SanDisk). I tried with the firmware 7.0, 8.0 and even 8.1. Nothing, blank screen and orange led. I think it's because of V1, I update many V2 and I never had problems. Please advice. I need to give an answer to my customer.
  4. NS5 and Arabic Characters

    It works with Unicode, but only with the Scalable Gothic font. For my application is the minimum that I need. Gracias Automation
  5. NS5 and Arabic Characters

    Hi there, Is it possible to insert and display Arabic characters? In other words, change the PT standard fonts? I already use Arabic characters but only in fixed texts. Thanks...
  6. I there, does anyone know were I can download the 8.0 firmware to the NS touchscreens? I made all the updates to the CX-Designer but the firmware continues to be the 7.0 in the recovery update directory. Thanks…
  7. CX-Programmer and Svchost

    I there, a few weeks ago I run the CX-One auto update and CX-Programmer is now on version 8.0, but… after that when I am in online mode, the CX-P becomes quite slow and even block for 10s or more. I stated that one process goes to 100% in windows task manager, the SVCHOST. In the Online Edit mode is almost impossible to work. Is this happening to anyone else? Please comment!
  8. Text in Japanese

    Hi there, Some months ago I installed many software from Omron, including CX-One 2, NTST 4.7, NTXS 1.03, NT2S and Syswin 3.4 on my new work laptop, after that some others applications have some text in Japanese, like the MS Paint, when I choose the print preview option everything in the buttons appears in Japanese. I think that maybe is a DLL overwritten. If anyone had the same problem please help! Thanks…