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  1. There is a standard view called "User view" that you can drag in to your HMI project on TIAPortal. It allows you to create new users, and edit users during run-time (i.e. from the HMI screen itself, not from your laptop). However it is not clear if/how you can delete users during run-time. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance!
  2. In my HMI program, I want to use two (or maybe even 3) screen templates on the same screen. The first one is a general navigation pane, (all screens have this). the second is a secondary navigation pane (1/4 of the screens have this). the third is a tertiary navigation pane (1/8 of the screens have this). How can I do this? It seems to only let me choose one template per screen. Thanks in advance.
  3. How do I assign an IP address to an S71200 CPU for the first time? Is it possible to do it over ethernet? Thanks in advance!
  4. For example, I want to have many structs in a data block, that all have the same structure. I can create one, and then copy and paste it. BUT then if I want to change the structure of the struct slightly, updating every struct takes ages! Is there a way to define a struct as a "type", so that each instance of the struct is updated when you update that type? (Like you can do in C# for example.) Thanks!
  5. Currently, I am using the S_MOVE instruction to copy a string called "dbVariant".Variant1.PartNumber into "dbVariant".VariantInBuild.PartNumber. How would I go about copying the whole struct "dbVariant".Variant1 into struct "dbVariant".VariantInBuild? Thanks in advance!
  6. How to connect two HMIs to one PLC?

    Thanks PdL! What do you mean by "conflict for the operator"?
  7. I have one CJ1M-CPU13-ETN PLC and two NS8-TV01-V2 HMI panels. I want the two HMIs to run the exact same CXDesigner program, and both of them to communicate with the same PLC. Is this possible to do? More specifically: for the same button on both HMIs, could I assign it the same working bit, or would this cause a conflict? Would I need to give the same button a different working bit for each HMI? Thanks!
  8. I have an interesting problem. On my NQ HMI, I am changing one bit of the alarm word to true. The first time I do this, one alarm becomes active, and appears in my alarm list on my HMI. Then when I change the bit back to zero, the alarm becomes inactive. Then when I make the bit true again, the alarm does NOT become active again. Nor does a new alarm appear at the top of the list. What do I need to do to make a fresh alarm appear in the list? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Where can I safely download NQ designer? Thanks in advance.
  10. During run time on my KTP700 BASIC HMI panel, there is a keyboard pop-up screen that appears, when I press on an input field (for example, like the one in the inbuilt Logon pop-up screen). Is it possible to change the font size, and/or the size of the keys on this keyboard? How so? Thanks in advance.
  11. I am using a KTP700 BASIC HMI panel. I have two languages in the HMI program. On the inbuilt Logon screen, I want to show English text in size 21, French text in size 15. In Runtime settings > Languages and Fonts, I give each language different font sizes, but when I run the program on the HMI panel, they both show up the same size. (For example, I set English to font size 21, and French to font size 15. However, if I access the password screen in English, then later in French, the text is shown in font size 21 in both occasions). This is a problem because the French words are longer, and hence some letters get cut off. Any ideas about how to get around this? (besides just using font size 15 for both?)
  12. I am using TIA portal to make HMI screens for a KTP700 BASIC HMI panel. I am using the built-in password protection pop-up screen. Is it possible to change the font size of text items on the password protection screen? The text, and the user and password fields are a bit small. I would like to make them bigger. Thanks in advance.
  13. Do you need a separate CX-One license for each computer that you want to install it on?
  14. PLC No Response

    Thanks Michael. Good advice. The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle was one of the DIP switches on the PLC. I think it is DIP switch number 5, it controls whether the serial port should use Auto connect, or something specified by the HMI program. We switched it to NOT Auto, and now it works nicely.
  15. PLC No Response

    I have downloaded a program into the PLC, downloaded a program in the HMI terminal, and connected my PLC to the HMI via a custom made RS232 cable. When I turn them on, the correct screens appear on the HMI terminal, but no data is coming through from the PLC. After a few seconds, a pop-up appears saying "[2]PLC No Response 00-00-1". Does anyone know the meaning of this message, or what I might be doing wrong or missing out? CPU used: CP1L-M60DT1-D (with a CP1W-CIF01 serial adapter) HMI terminal used: NB3Q-TW00B Details for the RS232 cable: NB pin 2 (SD) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 3 (RD) NB pin 3 (RD) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 2 (SD) NB pin 9 (SG) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 9 (SG) CP1W-CIF01 Bridge between pin 4 (RS) and pin 5 (CS)