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  1. Hi, I need help with my program. How do I include the fractional part of the position I set for encoder? I have an Omron PLC and using cx programmer.  I need to command my servo (from HMI number input) to move to a certain position. Now using a manual computation, my servo is supposed to move 95.65mm, however, using my plc program, the resulting position doesn't include the 0.65. I used the FIXL instruction to convert my result from float to 32 bit and it removed the fractional part of the value.   Thank you!

    Thanks. I converted the time first using timetosec, then used lint to uint converter. The seconds could now appear on the display. However, I have another problem. The display is fine from numbers 1 to 9, but instead of continuing to 10, it would show asterisks again, then after maybe 5 sec, number 10 will then appear and will increment up to 19, then asterisk will be displayed, and after 5 sec again, number 20 will appear until 29th, then asterisk again, and so on...

    Hi, I've been trying to use the number display on NB designer HMI. it is connected to an NX1 Controller with sysmac studio as the automation software. I have a timer on my program and i want to display it to my hmi screen. However, the screen of tge number display keeps on blinking with "****" and random numbers and not showing the elapsed time of my timer in plc. Thanks in advance!