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  1. I have a very old Honeywell controller that only supports an ASCII protocol and another DMCS protocol (proprietary to Honeywell). I am using this manual: and Hyperterminal "Send a text file" function to try to send an ASCII command to the controller. My command looks like this: 02,0204,64,11,128,0,CR LF When I do this in Hyperterminal I get no apparent response. My hypothesis is I am not sending the correct formatted ASCII. Does anyone know what the correct format might be?
  2. honeywell

    hello every body i need software for hc900c70 honeywell where can i get it? 
  3. I want to establish Ethernet IP communication between the following PLC CPUs. Schneider Electric - BMEP582040 Honeywell - ControlEdge UOC CPU900-CP1. Where the Schneider must be master and Honeywell must ne adapter. Let me know if anyone have done this or can help me to do so.
  4. Honeywell HC900

    I am having trouble with a HC900 C50 CPU. It’s connected to a hakki HMI and on certain instruction performed on the screen it faults out the CPU. I have 3 strobes on the led which in the manual indicates a CPU prefetch abort error. It says to replace the CPU which I have done but the fault occurs on the new one too. I have replaced the HMI and comms cable between them but nothing has helped stop the fault occurring. Any ideas on next actions welcome 
  5. Honeywell Experion SCADA

    I haven't used Experion before, nor do I have a licence or access to a download of the application. As such I want to know how limited an unlicensed version of the product is. Is it like Citect where you may develop graphics but need a license for runtime, or is it like FTView where you need a license just to open the application? Thanks in advance