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  1. GE ENET station manager

    HiI am just starting out at a new job full of GE systems.I have a IC695ETM001 ethernet card which has a RS232 port for Station manager access.I can currently see some info (such as IP, firmware version etc.) from the card when I connect with Putty and cycle the power but I cannot send commands to the card. I've tried Putty, hyper-terminal and a standalone Station manager terminal from GE but nothing works.Anyone know whether I'm missing something?
  2. PT100 on Arduino Mega Industrial Shields PLC

    Doesn't that hockeypuck convert it to a 4-20mA signal? Best to check your voltages over the resistor using a multimeter
  3. Honeywell Experion SCADA

    I haven't used Experion before, nor do I have a licence or access to a download of the application. As such I want to know how limited an unlicensed version of the product is. Is it like Citect where you may develop graphics but need a license for runtime, or is it like FTView where you need a license just to open the application? Thanks in advance
  4. I currently have a stratix 5700 and when adding the device its data type has an associated DINT called fault.   I can't seem to find any information on what this corresponds to and I'm not sure what it truly indicates. Does anyone know what these bits mean? Regards