Ethernet IP communication between Schneider M580 and Honeywell ControlEdge UOC.

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I want to establish Ethernet IP communication between the following PLC CPUs.

Schneider Electric - BMEP582040

Honeywell - ControlEdge UOC CPU900-CP1.

Where the Schneider must be master and Honeywell must ne adapter.

Let me know if anyone have done this or can help me to do so.

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I'm a Modbus guy, I've never done Ethernet/IP, but I have had a minor run-in with the UOC.  

The UOC is a Honeywell ControlEdge 900 controller running the Honeywell control execution environment (CEE) configured with Experion Control Builder, the UOC development software, which is a licensed software product.  Honeywell calls its versions 'releases'.   I do not know if a later release is backwards compatible with an earlier release.   Make sure you have access to the development software.  It's pricey.

A Google search will locate the 50 page manual for the ControlEdge family of CPUs (of which UOC is one), EtherNet/IP User's Guide, document # RTDOC-X548-en-160A, dated from Jan 2020, link below:

The Function Block section of the manual with the Ethernet/IP FB's is attached.

It isn't clear to me how two 'controllers' talk to one another, as opposed to a controller talking to a field device, like a flow meter.   With two controllers, who is consumer and who is producer?   Is that where an 'adapter' is used?   The Honeywell Ethernet/IP manual might shed some light on the 'adapter' situation. 


Enet-IP FB's from ControlEdge-Builder-Function-and-FB-Configuration-Reference-Guide-RTDOC-X286-en-151A.pdf

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Hi SillyBoy,

in case the m580 is the ethernet IP "master" you will need the EDS file for Honeywell PLC.

The EDS file needs to be imported in to the UnityPro/Control Epert software - see youtube video:

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