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  1. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    This sounds like the simplest approach at this point. Thank you for the info!
  2. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    Well based on what an EEPROM module looks like and the empty 28 pin socket from my picture I think you are right pturmel about them running the entire thing in RAM. However, the setting RS422 does suggest it is MODBUS. See the picture below from the manual.  
  3. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    I get another error when trying to program the EEPROM also... when I initially got on with the system the LIST command gave me nothing. I am 99% sure it wasn't me that erased whatever was here previously... the hello world program was me though. I take responsibility for that.  
  4. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    So since I couldn't get the system back up and running I took the 1746-BAS back to the office. When i type in ROM I get the message "ERROR: PROM MODE". I haven't been able to access the EEPROM.  
  5. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    The device was set to: Comstate-RS422, Shedtime-30, Parity-Even, Baud-9600, Duplex-Half, Shedmode-Last, Shed SP-TO LSP So are you saying this is Modbus? So I would need a modbus master to replace the 1746-BAS?
  6. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    Good morning, this is a lot of information but any advice or insight is appreciated. After another trip I have found the following information: The SLC 5/04 has a single rung of logic to copy 64 integers from the 1746-BAS card #M1:1.0. In the N7 data table I can see there are 8 old values no longer updating. They are in addresses N7:0, N7:1, N7:2, N7:3, N7:34, N7:35, N7:36, N7:37. The 1746-BAS is supposedly talking to nodes 1, 2, 18, and 19. #####1746-BAS##### The 1746-BAS card was found in the following condition which translates to the following settings. JW1: RS232/-423 (shipped configuration) == PORT 1 configuration JW2: RS485 == PORT 2 configuration JW3: 1747-M1 EEPROM or 1747-M2 EEPROM or 1747-M3 UVPROM (shipped configuration) JW4: PRT1: Program port with programmed communication settings PRT2: ASCII interface port DH485: Runtime DH485 Only From the default settings we know that PORT 2 was setup for RS485 as an ASCII interface port. I modified JW4 so PRT1 would start with default communication settings (Command mode at 1200 KB, no parity, 8 databits, and 1 stop bit). This allowed me to access the 1746-BAS with Hyperterminal.  One key setting I had to make was setting flow control to xon/ xoff. I was then able to issue commands. The LIST command returned no program. I think the program was lost. ##########   #####Honeywell DC330B##### There are 8 Honeywell devices I located in the field and they come in pairs. Node1: UDC3000 VERSAP PRO and UDC2000 MINI PRO Node2: UDC3300 and UDC2000 Node18: DCP1021111110 and UDC500 CONTROLLER Node19: DCP1021111111000 and UDC2000 MINI PRO Only the first device in each node listed is connected to the blue hose. Node 18 has 2 blue wires per terminal. Node 19 has 1 blue wire per terminal. Node 1 has 2 blue wire per terminal. Node 2 has 2 blue wire per terminal. On node 2 I checked the UDC3300 settings. The device was set to: Comstate-RS422, Shedtime-30, Parity-Even, Baud-9600, Duplex-Half, Shedmode-Last, Shed SP-TO LSP. ########## I have attached pictures of the 1746-BAS card and the Node2 Honeywells... I think there was a program in the 1746-BAS that got lost and it was sending commands to the Honeywell to get a response (over ASCII). My immediate problem is I don't know what commands I have to send to get a response and then I don't know what hardware I have to buy to replace this 1746-BAS. In the meantime I will keep researching. Thank you for any more insight into the path I should be pursuing.
  7. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    According to the 1746-BAS manual port 2 can talk over RS485 (the protocol) and from my limited understanding it is doing it over half-duplex since it is reading multiple Honeywells. I think I will have to gather the BASIC program to fully understand... hopefully no math besides scaling involved.
  8. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    Thanks, I will plan on doing that early next week. I didn't get the exact model number of the Honeywell but these were the listed terminals. It looks like it talks over RS485 (the wiring). Does that mean it probably uses DH485 (the protocol)? Would a control logix DH485 card be the simplest path here?
  9. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    Sounds like I should investigate the BAS module program. Is the 3rd party program Hyperterminal a good way to accomplish this?
  10. Good afternoon, I have the following system: 0)        1747-L541        5/04 CPU - 16K Mem. OS401 1)        1746-BAS-5/02 BASIC MODULE - M0/M1 capable 2)        SPARE 3)        SPARE and I want to upgrade it to ControlLogix. I was thinking of using a ControlLogix 1756-L81E, 1756-PB75, 1756-A4, and 1756-DHRIO to replace the functionality of this existing system. However, how do I replace the 1746-BAS module? From the program it appears to be storing 64 integers that get copied to N7. What hardware is equivalent to a 1746-BAS? Do I need to get online with the BASIC program using hyperterminal? Thanks for any assistance.