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  1. Writing in STL

    By STL you mean ?????? (it can mean two things)
  2. HELP! Mitsubishi PLC FXon-24MR-ES Shuts Off

    I have had the exact same thing with the exact same model. It was an internal connection (one of the pins or plugs) I stripped it down but didn't find anything obvious. I found out that if I squeezed the plc from the sides, it came back on. As a temporary fix, I folded some cardboard up and wedged it down one side of the plc against the next component and this temporary fix lasted for the rest of the life of the machine.
  3. Missing files when saving GX-dev projects

    Lol, on further investigation, 'A person' used restore on the laptop after messing it up with some dodgy software. I presume the 'restore' function wiped the files.
  4. Need software for mitsubishi plc nexgenie 1000

    Nice looking PLC but it seems to hint that is made by someone else and rebadged as a Mitsubishi. Hence the only reference to programming software I can find is that it can be programmed in 5 different modes.
  5. gx developer,gx works

    Quick and dirty. --|X0|---------[ALTP Y0)]
  6. Missing files when saving GX-dev projects

    To answer my own post - looking now at the dates the files were modified there are some discrepancies with the dates??? No idea how that happened.
  7. Has anyone else had files not being saved with a GX-dev project What I mean by that is; I worked all day on alterations to a project and regularly saved the updates - incrementing the versions as I went. The next day I came to open the latest save and the project would not open. The original would but none of the incremental saves. When I looked inside the saved project I saw that the files were incomplete (as in the attached picture) The project file had not saved and going deeper neither had the comments file or other folders. The only thing I can think of was I was using the simulation program to test my alterations and was 'saving as' while that was running. I thought I had lost my days work but I copied my project file from my original and the missing folders that included the comments and I was able to open it again. The extra comments I had used were gone but the logic was updated. I have not tested it by downloading to the plc yet - I just hope it's fine
  8. Newbie: easiest way to backup E1070

    I have never done it but I hear it's possible. It is certainly possible to load a full project to an E1000 series via a usb stick so I would assume it's possible to do it the other way. I don't have one to play with so I can't advise further.
  9. Q2as keyword addition problem!?

    Try deleting The NOP's in the program Put it in list mode and you will probably find hundreds of NOP's (NO Operation) I've used this in the past to free up memory - worth a try.
  10. Fx2n Which is hold bit for power and on

    Then it might be being purposely reset on power up by something like --M8002-------ZRST M500 M550. Just a guess of course but try checking if M8002 is being used anywhere.
  11. E600 keys locked

    I've searched every option in the E designer help and settings for this screen and I can find nothing that pertains to the backlight apart from how long before it goes off when not used. I've told him that I can upgrade it to an E1060 but he feels that, that is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Ironically, he is telling me that I can upload the program, alter the lockout and download it again. I don't think I can. It's a long trip to visit the site and I don't want to look a fool because a 'know-all' says I can do it. If I go I will check the capacitors etc to see if I can repair it.............
  12. E600 keys locked

    I have a customer in touch with me through email. He has an E600 that he says the backlight has failed and a message on the screen that says Backlight Error, Keys Locked And as he says, the buttons do not work so he can't use the controls even though he can still read the screen. He says he has read that this is an option when programming - lock keys when light fails. I have never heard of that before (but then I have never heard of a multitude of faults with the E series hmi's) Has anyone seen this message before? Is the program still recoverable in this state? and can it be reprogrammed to remove this lockout Thank you
  13. FX1S Connection Issue

    I've seen an sc-o7 somewhere but I can't quite remember where. I think I saw it on and old medoc eeprom reader/writer but I could be wrong. (it went into a converter box) I also remember getting the same message on and old laptop running gx dev. I think I rebooted and it went away.
  14. FX1S Help?

    The RET in this case is to signify the end of STL code. You will see the instruction top right SET S40 - this tells me this is part of a sequence program. Mitsubishi use their own version of state programming (called STL) It starts at stage 1 - say S20 with the line ------------------STL S20 some code ---some code ---[sET S30] ------------------[sTL S30] until RET Only one stage (or step) is active and scanned (you can actually have more than one active but not usually) So you cannot make your code active if that step is not active. Look down the different S coils and the one that is blue is the one that is active.
  15. Purple Box

    Look at TOOLS / CHANGE DISPLAY COLOR If it is at 'default settings' you will see that, that color will say: Executional conditioned device test. - Executional condition position.