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  1. Hello. Is it possible to hard reset (power cycle) the CP1L-E cpu unit using software? I'm having difficulties, because when you configure IO MAD42 card via CIO registers, you have to power cycle the PLC. The problem is, that I remotely configure the PLC. If I put PLC to program then to run mode, the configuration fails to update. Is there some kind of BIT to do "virtual" power cycle? Thanks.
  2. Structure Text REAL constant

    I guess it has something to do with Regional Format (SL). I have to use comma (1000,0) instead of dot (1000.0).... In other software which uses structure text, I didn't have this kind of problem... BR.  
  3. Structure Text REAL constant

    Hello. I'm having difficulties of how to write REAL constant in ST. For example (Gap1 is defined as REAL): Gap1:= UDINT_TO_REAL(P_Cycle_Time_Value) / +1000.0;     RETURNS ERROR ERROR:   Conversion cannot convert from Integer Literal to REAL I have also tried 1000.0 If I use:  Gap1:= UDINT_TO_REAL(P_Cycle_Time_Value) / INT_TO_REAL(1000);  COMPILES OK My question.. How do I write REAL constant in Structure text? I don't want to use  INT_TO_REAL anytime I want to do calculations with constants.. Thanks. BR.
  4. CJ2m Time as millis()

    Thanks for replay.  But I don't want to mess with Cycle Time. The question is: Can I get current time/date (UDINT) in miliseconds? (Similar as arduino millis())? Thanks. BR.
  5. CJ2m Time as millis()

    Hello. I'm trying to develop Tau filter wich uses time calculations like this: TimeNew := GetTime() // system time in miliseconds ExpTime := TimeNew - TimeOld TimeOld := TimeNew I guess I colud use CycleTime, but the resoult for CycleTime is not constant... 
  6. CJ2m Time as millis()

    Hello. I'm using CX-Programer and CJ2M CPU. Is it possible to get current time in ms like in arduinos millis()? Thanks. BR.
  7. Hello. I can't find any related bits wich would indicate PLC offline / online status. I'm using two PLC's. PLC0 Modbus TCP (Ethernet) PLC1 Modbus RTU (Serial) Please help me to get online status. BR, Andrej. 
  8. NS15 - Data Log Graph Decimals

    Hello.I'm having variable Voltage expressed as UNSIGNED DOUBLE INT.For example: Val = 23423For displaying the right value I have to divide value by 100 ... Val/100 = 234.23V.For showing the value I can set the decimal place to 2 and Unit&Scale to 1002.The problem is:THE GRAPH IS SHOWING Val=23423. I WOULD LIKE TO SHOW Val=234.23.HOW CAN I USE THE DECIMAL PLACES IN GRAPH?WHERE CAN I SET THIS SETTING?Thanks.BR, Andrej.
  9. PLC TCP/IP simulator

    Hello. I'm developing NS5 HMI visualization. The display is using TCP/IP comunication.  (IP: communicating with PLC (IP: - my PC) I would like to start PLC (CJ2M) simulator on my PC (IP: so that HMI would comunicate with my PS (PLC Slave simulator) Does the simulator exists? Thanks. BR, Andrej.
  10. Log In

    Hello. Thanks for sample. But I would like to hide the input field (password). I tried to do this with setting: - Control Flag: Display: Hidden. But then the function does not work. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks. BR, Andrej.   PS: I can move the input field off the screen, but I think this is not the best solution.
  11. Log In

    Hello. I'm using CX-Designer. I would like to create a BUTTON with label Log In. When I press that button it should: 1. PopUp keyboard would appear 2. I would enter login password for example 0000 3. Entered password would write to PLC location D1000 How can I do that? Please help. BR, Andrej.
  12. Scaling Data in CJ1/CS1 PLCs...

    Even simplier way is to use function block... BR, Andrej.
  13. Online edit - Insert Section

    Hello. Is it possible to add SECTION using ONLINE EDIT? I can add rung... Thanks. Best regards.
  14. S7-300 Citect S7NT

    Hello. I'm trying to comunicate to Siemens S7-300 using Citect S7NT driver. I haven't done this so far so I'm asking you for help. What software do I need to successfully comunicate with S7? How do I set S7NT CITECT driver (Board, port, device,...)? Thanks. Best regards.
  15. CITECT SCADA 6.1 + Microsoft SQL Express 2008

    But now I have another problem. In Citect Nexa 6.1 I'm using conn string: hSQL = SQLConnect(" Driver={SQL Server};Server=PC_NAME\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MyDatabase;Uid=User;Pwd=Password) It connects without problems. If I use Querystring: SELECT * FROM MyDataTable it works. I've got values from table. BUT!!! If I use more complicated Querys like Queriing a Subquery (IT WORKS IN SCADA 2016 and in SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT STUDIO): SELECT * from (     SELECT *      from mytable ) subquery I've got error: 4501Unexpected text at end of SQL query 'FROM' Does someone have any advise? Thanks. Best regards.