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  1. convert am to fm

  2. Dear Sir , 

    I am interested to be professional with mitsubishi Factory Automation(PLC , HMI ,VFD ,  Servo , SCADA ) products , so could you please help me to know where is the best place that can I take courses , I will grateful to you if you help me .

    Best Regards 

    Thank you

  3. convert am to fm

    thank you for your answers , but would you please explain more about the difference between this tow types (AM / FM )  is the difference in output signal  , or in the way that convert DC to AC ? and if you have reference explain this in more detail , I will be grateful to you  Thanks in advance    
  4. convert am to fm

    I am talking about Mitsuishi VFD or is there a special forum for Mitsubishi VFD ?
  5. convert am to fm

    Dears , how can I convert the analog output from inverter AM  type to pulses as FM type Thanks in advance
  6. hello Friends how can I Connect FX5U by direct RJ45 to download program on it and the type of cable should be cross cable or straight cable  Thanks .
  7. i need connection cable diagram

    Thank you Mr.Theo V fro your kind reply
  8. i need connection cable diagram

    Helo , i need connection cable diagram between inverter e700 and got2104 thanks
  9. dear Sir , 

    how can find the internal register and its description for  FR-800 and FR-700


  10. can i connect VFD E700 & FX3g to GOT2000

    OK , i attached the project I use panel GOT2000 GT2104R test.GTX
  11. can i connect VFD E700 & FX3g to GOT2000

    i mean gtdesigner program that i make it with gt designer3
  12. can i connect VFD E700 & FX3g to GOT2000

    the problem that  I cant download gt designer to the got2000 when I press write to got it appear this dialog
  13. can i connect VFD E700 & FX3g to GOT2000

    the plc alone works good