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  1. Mitsubishi Melsec communication protocol

    yeah Mark you are correct , I need full implementation code, It's okay even it is not possible to publish over here. Thank you for your valuable time  
  2. MC protocol and SLMP protocol

    Hi everyone Is SLMP protocol and MC protocol are same?? what is the difference between these two protocols??   Thank you in advance
  3. Mitsubishi Melsec communication protocol

    Hi Mark I am suppose to support all 5 message format and all 4 frames, please suggest me in this. Thank you
  4. Mitsubishi Melsec communication protocol

    Hi Mark Thank you for your reply  Currently I am working on MC protocol Development in C language. If possible share the C source code otherwise share any language code that you have.   Thank you  
  5. Hi everyone, Can any one share me the sample source code for melsec(MC) protocol, as I am working on this protocol.   Thank you in advance