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  1. You can try IntegraXor SCADA. They have experience of implementation in power monitoring site. You may read the case study here.  I suppose they have your requirements as well, which include front-end module (HMI), historian and real time trending, reporting module, script logic, etc. You can have a look at their Demo to have the basic idea.  Demo link  
  2. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Thanks for mentioning this. I agree with you. I came across IntegraXor in recent years and I have to say I like their HMI because the interface is responsive. I can also use my smartphone to open the HMI via my phone's web browsers, the HMI will auto fit into the browser's size and I can also swipe to zoom in or drag around freely. 
  3. Using sap mrp to control machine

    Does your system contain PLC? You might need PLC to control your machine, which will be wired to your machine. Other than PLC, you may opt for a SCADA or even MES to do the talking job with both sides (MRP and PLC). E.g. Barcode scanner will send SN to MRP, then it will send a signal to SCADA, and SCADA (which connects to PLC directly) will signal the PLC bit to start the machine.  You can refer to this case study using Ecava IntegraXor SCADA to integrate with MRP and Siemens PLC.  Some additional info on SCADA and MES can be found here:   Hope this helps. Good luck. 
  4. Question about Modbus

    Hi Park, take a look at this automation blog entry about Modbus, it serves as the guide to troubleshoot Modbus from the SCADA aspect, perhaps you may find it more useful than the title suggests. Good luck.
  5. Online PLC SCADA Training You can take a look at integraxor website, they are giving out a bunch of training lessons, including PLC SCADA.  Their SCADA is free for download and install, you can follow the training by hands on the SCADA directly. 
  6. Light SCADA request

    Hi Park Shin Hye, I agree that somehow data logging software seems like what you might need for now. But just to avoid in the future that your end user "suddenly" wanted to add in HMI screens or any GUI, then you have to redo the whole thing. I suggest you to check out Ecava IntegraXor, it is a very light SCADA leaving no burden to your system. I saw you mentioned about implementing it on basic workstation, and you can read in IntegraXor website where they tested the SCADA with mini computer run as the server, which is something quite interesting for me. Good luck.
  7. PLC+HMI cheap solution

    For low price SCADA and HMI, you can check out Ecava IntegraXor, they even offer a Lite version with very cheap price. For PLC, I think you may want to consider Siemens LOGO!8, it is actually built for small scale and cheap solution. And I think this combination can serve your purpose well. You can even read the test case using the mentioned PLC and HMI in the link below.
  8. Secure SCADA

    Hi, I think you can try out IntegraXor (or I think they are calling it IGX now). It is web based SCADA and have HTTPS and SSL encryption security for web browsing of the HMI.  It is free to download and install: Thanks.
  9. SVG graphic

    Hi, I came across once to this link while I was searching for SVG image. Ecava IntegraXor is a SCADA product, but they are selling some automation graphics also. You can have a look.