Suitable SCADA System for Power Utility Real-Time Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

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I am from a power utility company with almost 100% SCADA-ready facilities. the next challenge is trying to convert all these overwhelming site information into ACTIONABLE infos.

The idea is to establish a dedicated centre (NOT a control centre) as a Monitoring Master Station and also as the Real-Time Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance tool.


Anyone can share experience/review on suitable Software and Hardware for such Master Station?

If possible, inclusive of Front End module/ Historian/ Database Server/ Intelligent Software for input logics, etc.

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I would take a look at Adroit SCADA Intelligence. |This is not scada but software which can talk to different SCADA Historians but also standard databases or just plain Documents.

In short will take al the data from the sifferent sites and combine the relevant data and put's this into a standard OLAP cube which will make it easallilly accessible (even in Microsoft tools like Excel for instance.) But it also has Reports and Dashboards templates


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You can try IntegraXor SCADA. They have experience of implementation in power monitoring site. You may read the case study here

I suppose they have your requirements as well, which include front-end module (HMI), historian and real time trending, reporting module, script logic, etc. You can have a look at their Demo to have the basic idea. 

Demo link


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