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Hi y'all,

I am looking for affordable and reliable PLC and HMI solution :

PLC with real-time clock and multiple (>16) relay output, modbus TCP/IP
Simple HMI even 2 line LCD will do.

Thanks in advance

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Modbus Client, server or both ?

Any further specifics for the HMI, Can it be on the PLC or does it need to be cabinet mounted?


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I would look at the Automation Direct - Do More PLC - Free Software complete with simulation. The simulation will also do Modbus TCP.


I would then look at AdvancedHMI for the HMI. - Free


Here is a link to put it all together:





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you can have a look into this site: www.tecnoplc.com

there you will find the best prices for PLC and HMI: http://www.tecnoplc.com/compra-venta/

And, in the site, you will find a link (in the right column) to another site with a lot of automation prouducts and if you tell them that you came from www.tecnoplc.com you will have -5% discount. I always buy the PLC and HMI there and there are the best prices I have never found for new and not new components. You will find your correct CPU and the cheapest HMI for your application.

Good luck. If you need some more help please contact me, I can help you to find the products.



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For low price SCADA and HMI, you can check out Ecava IntegraXor, they even offer a Lite version with very cheap price.

For PLC, I think you may want to consider Siemens LOGO!8, it is actually built for small scale and cheap solution. And I think this combination can serve your purpose well.

You can even read the test case using the mentioned PLC and HMI in the link below.


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