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Hi all,

We are creating new machine and we need use the sap mrp system to control the machine.
The machine is going to use 5 materials in order to run (glue, work order, foil, paper,...)each one has barcode by using one barcode scanner we scan all items and send signal to sap to create a serial number for the product once the serial number created the machine will run.
When any material is close to running out Machine stops and informs MRP new material is required.
MRP will require new material data (at least 1) before releasing next SN.

My question is this way possible? And if so what is the side effect? will this effect the fasting of the process?

Do you have any other efficient way to control the items.

I am new graduate student and have not enough experience therefore, your feed back would be greatly appreciated in this regards.

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I would suggest polling a SQL database or similar. Alternatively, depending on the flexibility of your SAP system programmer(s) maybe poll their program directly. As an alternative look into the MES-IT CPU which has a SAP driver that you can buy.

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Does your system contain PLC? You might need PLC to control your machine, which will be wired to your machine.

Other than PLC, you may opt for a SCADA or even MES to do the talking job with both sides (MRP and PLC). E.g. Barcode scanner will send SN to MRP, then it will send a signal to SCADA, and SCADA (which connects to PLC directly) will signal the PLC bit to start the machine. 

You can refer to this case study using Ecava IntegraXor SCADA to integrate with MRP and Siemens PLC. 

Some additional info on SCADA and MES can be found here:


Hope this helps. Good luck. 

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