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  1. Q Series - how to Factory Reset - help required

    Thanks kaare_t At this stage it is risk assessment - whereby the onboard Q UDE Ethernet port may not be communicating perhaps from software corruption / damaged parameters etc. Being able to reset to factory defaults - effectively eliminates programmable software faults. If the fault is still present then we are left with firmware or hardware issues - and we would arrange CPU replacement. Followed by remote bare-metal recovery onto the replacement CPU.
  2. How can I do a hardware 'factory reset' on a Q UDE CPU .... NOT using any software such as GX Developer or Works? I understand in the 'Write to PLC' menu it's possbile to Clear / Format / Arrange PLC memory - this isn't what I'm asking for. Under normal circumstances we routinely reload the PLC code / parameters / intelligent function data all remotely from our offices to our customers facilities and all works well. With the newer Q UDE CPUs it is possible to scan the network and effectively do a remote bare-metal recover to a new CPU. If the Q UDE CPU became unresponsive I would like to know how to reset the CPU back to factory defaults. In this scenario we would be asking local site electricians to carry out this reset procedure - after which we would reload the code remotely from the office. Documentation says power down CPU remove BAT for > 10 mins. I’ve powered down, left in STOP state and removed BAT for 16hours - then tested this morning – IP / program perfect and online immediately without battery connected. This retention is a wonderful feature – but if I want to deliberately do a hardware factory reset how do I do it ?