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How can I do a hardware 'factory reset' on a Q UDE CPU .... NOT using any software such as GX Developer or Works?

I understand in the 'Write to PLC' menu it's possbile to Clear / Format / Arrange PLC memory - this isn't what I'm asking for.

Under normal circumstances we routinely reload the PLC code / parameters / intelligent function data all remotely from our offices to our customers facilities and all works well.

With the newer Q UDE CPUs it is possible to scan the network and effectively do a remote bare-metal recover to a new CPU.

If the Q UDE CPU became unresponsive I would like to know how to reset the CPU back to factory defaults.

In this scenario we would be asking local site electricians to carry out this reset procedure - after which we would reload the code remotely from the office.

Documentation says power down CPU remove BAT for > 10 mins.

I’ve powered down, left in STOP state and removed BAT for 16hours - then tested this morning – IP / program perfect and online immediately without battery connected.

This retention is a wonderful feature – but if I want to deliberately do a hardware factory reset how do I do it ?

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There's no easy way to do this, but maybe an option would be to use different memory cards so that you can swap one if something goes wrong?

What do you expect to go wrong by the way?

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Thanks kaare_t

At this stage it is risk assessment - whereby the onboard Q UDE Ethernet port may not be communicating perhaps from software corruption / damaged parameters etc.

Being able to reset to factory defaults - effectively eliminates programmable software faults.

If the fault is still present then we are left with firmware or hardware issues - and we would arrange CPU replacement.

Followed by remote bare-metal recovery onto the replacement CPU.

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How about one of the following:

1. Install a QJ71E71 card with factory default settings which is never programmed (never use any code against this card).
2. Install a memory card which can be removed from the CPU in case of an error

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