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  1. recovery firmware

    I'm using a raspberry with raspbian flashed inside and codesys for raspberry for application that create an executable file that run inside. I don't know if raspberry support completely DC sync but I saw that with DC sync enable I have a more stable signal (no jitter) mesured with oscilloscope. Thanks again!
  2. recovery firmware

    Thanks for your answer! I had a successfully connection with serve because the test program called slaveinfo inside a SOEM library return me the error that you can see in picture "E2PROM_error1" the screenshot of "E2PROM_error1" is the implementation of the class, I lost the screenshot of the error when it occured.
  3. recovery firmware

    Hi I'm new in forum and I am 1 week expert in plc world... I'm working with driver R88D-1SN04H-ECT rev 1.1. I don't know how but maybe I have  overwrite the eeprom of the driver. I just try the procedure to replace it with twincat but a message say: "no valid firmware". with codesys I forced forced the procedure but it'say that is no good... and finaly I've try with example "slaveinfo" of SOEM library and it say: "no valid firmware inside" I have made the downlod  of ESI file in the Omron site any idea?