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  1. If the axis is a part of a co-ordinate system then can the other axis still operate?  You obviously need to remove the hardwired enable input when the table is removed. Have you tried inhibiting the axis programmatically using the GSV/SSV instructions?
  2. Is this a new install or an exisiting system? What is the full part number of your servo motor you have connected to the K6500? Are you using the hardwired enable input on the drive?  
  3. Try using the original SYSMAC Studio install DVD to provide another path for the USB drIver file or reduce the file path C:\Program Files(x86)\Omron and include sub folders.
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Twstevic: Not sure on your version but in v1.16 if you go to options, ladder view  (I think it is) you have the option to align to the right and change the width also.  Have a play with these settings. If your not a fan of green or pink tagnames/comments (which I'm not) you can mix this up too.  
  5. NA bad responsiveness

    Which version of SYSMAC studio are you running? There is a new version that has just been released in the last day or to. Have a read under the 《HMI》 section of the 1.17 update. This sounds very similar to your issue  (Link supplied by Crossbow)
  6. Which Kinetix drives are you referring to? What are the model numbers of the Servo motors? If you have absolute encoders you may have to re-home these using Motion Direct commands.  If you do have absolute encoders check to see if the AxisXYZ.absolutereferencestatus bit is true in the L71 processor. (not 100% on the tag name at this hour of the day) After loading the project in to the L73 you might find this bit is false..
  7. The key word in your topic is legacy.  There are already a number of other posts available on this one. 
  8. Addressing I/O

    Try 4.00- 4.15 for the 2nd word of the 32 point input card.
  9. Homing in Sysmac Studio, NJ501

    What I suggest for your benefit is pay the money and enrol yourself in an Omron NJ Training course. There is an G5 Servo option to the course so attend this as well. You will learn tonnes of stuff on the course rather than flooding the forum with topics you have posted. I have been using Omron products for nearly 20 years.  I still attended the course. Good luck 
  10. Homing in Sysmac Studio, NJ501

    Find the manual and search for "external home input". You will be amazed at what you find when you know what is the available.
  11. Ultra 3000 faulting

    Does the servo motor have a brake installed ? I have to ask, but has it been tuned for all of the motion move profiles you are trying to achieve?  Whats the part numbers of the motor/drive and exlar actuator you have?
  12. Ultra 3000 faulting

    Check encoder cable shield has a good connection inside the connector at the drive end. Sometimes it pays to wrap the shield in copper foil tape to increase the surface area for the clamp. This will help in reducing the noise. Do you have a spare motor and encoder cable to try?  Try ruling out one of the above.
  13. Check out Shawns invaluable blog
  14. No, If you have a redundant ethernet network Etaps are required to connect to single port devices. Like Panelviews or DrIves.  Unmanaged switches don't have this capability.