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Factroy talk SE v8.0 screen problem

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Dear Experts!!!

I am facing one problem in FT View SE v8.0 :

I have 15 screens : 5 "are replaceable" with full resolution and other 10 are popup displays with half the resolution of that of Monitor and are "on the top" type. I have a buttons to go to those pop up screens.

Whenever I press any button to open any pop up screen the background screen (Replacable type, full screen) becomes shorten and pop up displays works like they should.

i.e. whenever a pop up display opens, full background screen display suppresses automatically. Then i go to another full screen and then come to the main working full screen then it becomes ok.

This phenomenon occurs whenever a pop up display open (not VBA controlled).

Its a simple display open button ( not VBA controlled)

As you can see in the picture the back image is suppressed :-

Normally it comes to full screen , its like :-

when I go to some other replaceable type screen and come back again to this screen, it becomes OK.

Here in this pic below, you can see the properties of the screen which is giving problem :-

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I dont understand your explanation, anyway your major screens should be set to "Replace" and your pop up to "On top", also be sure you scale your Scada screen to exact  Desktop/laptop resolution. if scaling is properly done then dont check the box (Max.. i forgot the term) when you compile your project. 

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