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  1. How to open .ecx type files. Diagnostic data of the Control logix CPU's
  2. Yes, I have managed switch
  3. I have two PF527 devices in a bus. These are in the same motion group. If I take the ethernet cable off, it will not connect the PF527 anymore back to the be controlled. I can find it on the net (ping is OK) and it is not showing any fault. In the PF527, there is reading 'connecting' and in the Studio5000 axis is showing 'Synchronizing'. Any resetting from the PLC does not affect to the situation. Also taking power off and on from the PF527 does not help. Only way is that I switch off the power from the PLC and after that it will be fine. I would like to understand, what is happening at this moment when it is synchronizing and why it is not successful? Is there any other way to get PF527 back to normal state than the PLC power off / on?
  4. Thanks, we are not using DLR. Should I assume that it will make bus unstable if there is traffic both directions, without DLR. 
  5. Thanks, this is clear for me now. I did not know that it is the PLC program mode.
  6. I have an analog output card 1734-OE2V and there is in the fault/actions page parameters for program mode. What is program mode and when it is activated? Fault mode is clear but... Program should be written the value, but when this happens?
  7. I have an Ethernet/IP bus and system including Ethernet/IP devices with CPU 1756-L81ES ControlLogix. PLC is connected to the switch. Bus is built from the switch as a line. Can I connect the last device on the bus back to switch again? In thes case bus will be ring. Do I get problems with connection it this way. Switch is Stratix 2500, which is lightly managed switch. I believe it will increase the traffic in the bus.
  8. I am building a redundant system using S7-1515R-2 CPU with TIA V16 version. Creating the hardware, there is not possible to insert any other card to the rack. Even power modules (PM) can not be inserted to the rack. How should I make the power feeding to the CPU. Should I use two power modules/devices or only one. How can I insert IO-cards to the system, is the only possibility to use Profinet IM-cards. In this system I am connecting the bus to the ring and using S2.  
  9. I need to check possibilities to use that. Thanks!
  10. Analog output fault

    I believe I found and answer for this, thanks for me! Module properties page I can set the fault mode 'Go to low clamp'.  And in the Limit Configuration page I can set the Low and High Clamp. So, in my case, when I am using -10V to +10V, there is set the low Clamp to -10V. This is bad in my system, when I am controlling the proportional valve. -10V is maximum to the other direction. I need to use 'Use fault value' => '0'.
  11. Is there any way to monitor ethernet/ip bus, states or faults and to make an alarm to the panel alarmlist. I am using IO-stations (1734-AENTR) and I would like to monitor somehow the system. I feel that reading the slot status of the 1734-AENTR device is not enough, because it is not possible to monitor all the cards in a slot. How to get alarm on a screen if I lose any station on the ethernet/ip bus?
  12. I have an analog output card 1734-OE2V. As a default, there is selected fault mode as 'Go to Low Clamp'. I am using output range -10V to 10V. What is the value for Low Clamp. Is it 0V or -10V? If I want it to be 0, do I need to select 'use fault value' and set the fault value to '0'.
  13. Problem solved. Stratix is using STP, Spanning three protocol. This protocol is checking the loops on the network and during this check it will block all the ports in the switch. I have been setting the smartports then enabling the PortFast Trunk. This setting in the STP page will not block the ports, although it is setting the switch to fault state for 15 to 20 seconds. Thanks for the hint @BobLfoot and @Ken Moore
  14. I am not able to read those links.
  15. You understand quite well, although I was writing badly.