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  1. Was wondering if anyone can tell me whether it is possible to use the Red Lion Graphite displays to remotely log into your system via Ethernet for programming.  Can it be used as a bridge to other Ethernet devices connected to it?
  2. C500-AP003

    Hello Mike.  Yes, you have already helped me.   Something you might want to note however.   Tech support told me I could use Chrome to access the FTP server and just click and drag the files I needed for SysWin software.  However, that did not work.  I had to install an FTP client ( I used FileZilla) to download the files.  That worked very nicely.  I did get the software installed on a Windows 2000 machine. Thanks for your help.
  3. C500-AP003

    Jay, thank you.  I also discovered the same thing after posting this.  I spoke with Omron Tech support and they informed me of what module I would need and software.  My only problem now is the software I have downloaded crashes when I try to install.  Upon review, I cannot seem to get all the files completely from their FTP server.  I haven't figured out why yet.
  4. C500-AP003

    I have a C28K controller that I need to communicate with.  I have a C500-AP003 comms module to do this.  I thought it would have a 9 pin serial connection but instead has something that looks like a 25pin micro d sub connector.  What kind of cable would I need to use?   Thanks.
  5. Cross Reference

    I am new to the GE Proficy platform and I need to search a specific variable to find out every place it is used in the program.  How do you do that?  I don't want an ENTIRE cross reference list of all variables and where ALL are used.  Then I have to sort through that list to find the one I am focused on.  So, is there a way to find just ONE and everywhere it is used in the project?
  6. ControlLogix 32 bit versus 64 bit applications

    I have a file on an old IBM Thinkpad W2K machine.  The file is an ControlLogix Ver. 10.07 file.  I copied it on a flash drive.  I attempted to open the same file on a Dell Win7 64bit machine using ControlLogix Ver 10.07 and I get the error message above in the previous post.  I did not move the software.  The same version is on the two different computers.  The file opens on the IBM and crashes on the Dell.
  7. ControlLogix 32 bit versus 64 bit applications

    The version is 10.07.  I was using the win2000 pc, which has a very small screen, and wanted to move it to my win7 machine.  But it crashes when I try to open it there.     
  8. I pulled an old ControlLogix application from a Windows2000 computer and it will not open on my Windows 7 machine.  Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  9. Serial Comms

    CompactLogix and Slc500 processors.  If I use someone's AB cable... no problem.  If I use any generic USB to serial cable it will not connect.
  10. Serial Comms

    I am wondering why some USB to Serial devices will work with Allen Bradley PLC's and others will not.  Trying not to have to purchase a $190 cable for simple serial communications.
  11. Motion Axis Gear Instruction

    I needed some help understanding and using the Motion Axis Gear instruction in a CompactLogix system. As I understand it that instruction will synchronize a slave servo axis to an axis I designate as master. My question is when in my code do I use the instruction? Do I need to home each axis individually then run the MAG instruction? After running it, can I then only issue one MAM instruction to the master axis and the slave will follow? Thanks.