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  1. Stratix 5700 NAT not available

    According to the manual, these switches have NAT capabilities:  : 1783-BMS10CGN, 1783-BMS20CGN, 1783-BMS12T4E2CGNK
  2. Indirect Address Help

    Thanks for the reply. The attachment failed when it went to upload.    I got it figured out. I was trying to address it down to the bit level. *facepalm. 
  3. Hey All,    I have an issue trying to get my indirect addressing working. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Hopefully something simple. What I want to do is copy data from one dint to another based off of counter position. I will always read in the source at the same word, but want the data written to a certain word based off of a counter value. I have a single rfid reader that will read, but I need to read 16 different rfid's and dump them into 1 place. Then i will transfer all 16 rfid's read into another word all at once.  Here is my code. What am i missing here?    
  4. Add on instructions (FB's)

    All changes to AOI's must be done offline. 
  5. I only questioned it because I wanted to know how far to upgrade my software...
  6.     Since when? I have never had this issue before!
  7. Am I missing something here? You say the base tag has no cross-references or duplicate tags. How is this bit being controlled? Are you just toggling this bit in the PLC? What exactly is turning this bit on?
  8. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    Are you using the embedded Ethernet Adapter? Or a COMM adapter? If using a BootP server, you need to have C-128 set to a 2. Remember to power cycle after you change the parameter.  
  9. I was just curious myself is why I looked it up. Honestly never gave it much thought until this post. 
  10. From the manual here:    Page 852.   These processors use a LINT as well:   LINT data type is a 64-bit integer. The LINT data type can be used in numerous instructions on Compact GuardLogix 5380, CompactLogix 5380, CompactLogix 5480, ControlLogix 5580, or GuardLogix 5580 controller however the LINT data type cannot be used in most instructions on CompactLogix 5370, ControlLogix 5570, Compact GuardLogix 5370, GuardLogix 5570 controllers. Consider the following when using LINT data type on CompactLogix 5370, ControlLogix 5570, Compact GuardLogix 5370, GuardLogix 5570 controllers.   Tip: LINTs can only be used with copy (COP, CPS) instructions. They are used with the CST/WallClock Time attribute, time synchronization and Add-On Instructions. You cannot add, subtract, multiply, or divide this tag type.
  11. RSView32 Key Function

    That is the command. But don't you have to enable/disable that in the startup editor? Been a while for me too.
  12. powerflex 525

    I miss the days when discovery actually worked! Been pretty hit or miss lately!
  13. P5000

    Maybe see this?
  14. SAFE Torque OFF Status

    If you are not using any safe torque off wiring, make sure you have a jumper installed into S1, S2, and S+. This will bypass the integrated safe torque off feature.   Also, if not using the safe torque off, the drive must be set at the default settings. I.E. right out of the box states.
  15. OTE instruction

    There you go then! Nothing executes in program mode.