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  1. CX9020 Beckhoff PLC Project Upload Failure

    This error is poped up because there is no source code in your PLC, as a result you cannot upload the program from PLC. The last programmer didn't download the source code and he or she just downloaded the binary files
  2. Beckhoff TC3

    Hi, First , right click of the PLC variable in Solution Explorer window under your PLC project instance. Then choose  Change Link. in the Attach Variable window , on the right side uncheck the Matching Type,Matching Size and  check All Types (under Show Variable Types). After that, on the left side you can see your Digital Input module. Now select the first channel of your DI module then hold the Shift key and select the last channel of the DI module. With this method you select all of the 16 DI channels of the DI. Next on the right side check the Continuous (under Offsets section) and finally click on OK.  Yo can see the result on the attached picture With this procedure you link a Word (16 bit) to 16 bit variable of your module
  3. BECKHOFF CX-9020

    What is the exact order of CX9020? May be the runtime of your Cx9020 is TwinCAT 2 . In this case you should not use TwinCAT 3  
  4. BECKHOFF EL3162

    yes. you can.
  5. As far as I know, TwinCAT doesn't support hardware interrupt. I think you can use an oversampling digital output such as EL2262 to generate 10 rising edges in a very short time because this kind of card can generate outputs in a shorter time than cycle time and some how it is independent from PLC cycle .
  6. BC9000

    Hi, I've seen your message now. To save the project for always in the BC9000 , you should create a bootproject. You can find this button in the online tab and after Login you can use this function. What do you mean by internal register? if you mean the BC9000 own register, you can right click on the BC9000 in your system manager. there is a function " Register Access" that you can access BC9000 register.
  7. Help Programming a Beckhoff PLC

    You should assign an %I address for any input variable which they've their values from input cards. After that you see the variable in the software and you can link them to the hardware. There is manual of TC3 in Beckhoff website which can help you
  8. Help! No voltage on Beckhoff output terminal

    Do you check the terminal output by voltmeter? Please send your wiring diagram. By the way, you should also feed the + and - terminal on the CX9020 to have 24 V for your output terminals.
  9. Create DB(Data block)

    Hello,  There is no Data Block Concept in TwinCAT.. If you want to define a variable simply address it with respect to its application for example for Boolean var in Input area %IX2.1, for a word  in input area %IW2 and so on . For output use %Q and for Memory use %M. But if you want to save the value in the non volatile memory of the CPU, you should use Retain or Persistent or use NOVRAM in System Manager (depend on the CPU type) option.
  10. ingineer

    Hi, If you use TwinCAT 2, after installation you have two programs: one is PLC Control which is used for writing code and the other one is System Manager which you can config your hardware.Size of manual and help file is higher than limitation of MrPLC so you can find a lot of useful information on the BECKHOFF website in this folder ==> Download -> Documentation ->TwinCAT 2 .  
  11. Beckhoff PLC Counter

    Sorry for  long delay, You can add this function FB_S_UPS_CX80xx from the mentioned library. It has an output with this name bPowerFailDetect, which is binary value and when the power goes down this value goes to high. As a result you can make a counter which its enable is the bPowerFailDetect. For saving data you should define the counter value as persistent. Then after each power down up you can see the number of failure on the counter value. I think this method is good for you but if you want to save it on a txt file in the PLC memory you should use FBs like FB_FileOpen, FB_FileWrite and etc from TcSystem.lib. I've also attached a sample logic which makes you understand the procedure
  12. Thank you very much for your reply Mr Iman. Really appreciated it.


    Best regards.

    1. imankarimi


      Your welcome

  13. Beckhoff PLC Counter

    Hi I think your program was restarted if there would be a power loss and the CX8090 turns off. But in CX8090, there is an integrated UPS and some Function blocks that you can monitor the state of your PLC. The function blocks are included in TcSystemCX80xx.lib library.
  14. Beckhoff password

    Hi In TwinCAT, There is several Methods for setting a password. The most strict one which no one can change anything in the Configuration is the same as Windows Login information which in any CX family can be set and anytime when you want to connect to the PLC you should have that password. There is also some levels of protection for logic interference. But most of the time the source code of the logic is not downloaded to the PLC and just the compiled version of logic is downloaded which can not be changed.
  15. Beckhoff integration using Raspberry

    I'm not so familiar with Raspberry, but if the OS of the Raspberry is Windows you can install TwinCAT software, (TwinCAT 2 or 3, I think TC2 is easier) and through the Ethernet port you get access to the data from EK1100 or CX9020.