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  1. Hi people, I'm currently trying to migrate some encoder logic to RSLogix5000 I have 4 Autonics E40H8153N24 encoders in a core wire injection machine. The machine already has a micrologix 1400 and the program is in RSLogix500 I want to change this micrologix to a ControLogix remote IO Chassis, (due to the standard they use in the company I work for). I'm currently migrating the logic, but the part of configuring the encoders is a little different between both controllers. In the RSLogix500 program I have this rungs. The instruction in the first Rung I think is the counter configuration. this is the part where I'm stuck since the Instruction Help (F1) for this instruction is not clear at all about how this works. I don't fully understand how the preset and output signals work with the encoder (This is the first time I use encoders). From the second Rung I can understand that if counter is at 1600 it will be 1 meter of cored wire injected. In the RSLogix5000 I set this on the 1756-HSC config and I want to know if is the equivalent of the one in the Micrologix1400 Thanks in advance.
  2. We have a ComBox E, which is a CAN network Gateway; this device is from Atlas Copco and we are trying to communicate their compressors to our ControlLogix Controller via Ethernet/IP card. The manual says that this ComBox E communicates via Ethernet/IP; but the people from Atlas Copco say that it communicates via Modbus TCP/IP. Also, the provider (Atlas Copco) suggested that we use this communications card : Prosoft Communications MVI56E-MNET card ; we already tried this, and can't communicate as well. Does anyone knows how to communicate this devices, or has an idea to do this? I attach the Combox E manual. Thanks in advance. 9820 3582 05 User Guide MKIV Ethernet-IP 03.pdf
  3. Adding devicenet to an exsisting Logix5000 project

    Well, Im no expert or anything but I have worked a bit with Devicenet networks and I can put you in the right direction. First you add the card in the RSL5k program. Make your device network in the RSNetworx for Devicenet. (You might need the EDS files from the ABB Drives you are using). Check the manual from your drives to see what parameter you want to read (ie. Current), and you configure the parameters you want to read and you map them all there in the RSNetworx. Double-click device by device to configure each one of them. When you got configured your network you store that program in the RSL5k program in the Devicenet card configuration. And you got your network. To know about the wiring check the manual.
  4. E3 Plus Ground Fault

    I guess it can do fairwell as a monitoring tool, but can it protect from Ground Fault?
  5. In fact, we did communicate it with the KEPWARE OPC and my partner developed a Visual Basic application that sends and receives the data ok. But what they are searching for is to communicate directly with no pc involved. I see no other way than the Serial to Ethernet device, or maybe with a Modbus/TCP card.
  6. E3 Plus Ground Fault

    Shiner, do you know if an E3 Plus can provide protection for motors that have Variable Frequency Drives? Thanks for response.
  7. Thank you for your response and recommendations Ken. I already made notifications about the 435NBX. Is there a way to know if certain generic device can communicate with ControlLogix? Or how do you know if a device is compatible or not. Thanks in advance. Best Regards.
  8. I need help to connect a device that has UDS1100 to a Controllogix L63 controller, via ethernet. I ping the device , and the clx, and both are ok. I connect with the UDS1100 with the HyperTerminal and it displays the value correctly (Temperature) In the CLX program i want to read the data via MSG (attached picture). That is the configuration of the MSG, I dont know if thats right, after surfing for some time I found that type of MSG communicates with generic devices. It seems that the data the device, sends over the ethernet is string. If someone can help me I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
  9. USB Cable

    By the way there´s a new Controllogix controllers the 1756-L7 it supports connectivity via USB cable. Maybe in a near future you might want to consider migrating those old systems to CLX. One of this controllers may handle most of your old PLCs at once, using them as Remote I/O
  10. Seamlessly using RSLogix Emulate 5000

    I actually emulate my programs with the RSEmulate5000 and make a simple application on Factory Talk View Studio (when I have time) to test the program. But I have my doubts on this emulator, It is extremely slow when working with the Factory Talk application. I would recommend to do as Ron Beaufort says, I mean with an actual CLX. Just use Emulate5000 if its really really necessary.
  11. E3 Plus Ground Fault

    Yeah I got the manual, just didn't understand 100 % how far a ground fault can go. Anyways great explanation Shiner, now i figure out more or less how to configure this relays. There are 12 5HP Motors and 4 15 HP I mean they are not that big , but they need to keep working as long as possible, and having this preventive maintenance would be great. Thanks
  12. E3 Plus Ground Fault

    We have an Allen Bradley MCC and we have E3 Plus Overload Relays. So I'm in the phase of configuration and I'm not pretty sure how bad a Ground Fault can affect. Can someone explain to me in plain English how a Ground Fault could affect the motor, and how necessary it is to have that protection. Thanks in advance.
  13. PLC-5 PID Convertion to CLX

    Thank you Ken, in fact, we did the same as you, we worked the PID just like in the PLC5 program timing with periodic task in ladder, we are controlling level here, but it is very variable (its continuos casting of steel). The PLC-5 had the level oscillating the set point around +-5 and with the CLX we have it oscillating around +- 8. Im acknowledge that is very probable that we buy the RS Tune so we would expect to reduce that noice from the PID control. I think this is the way to do it, but if someone has done it better I would like to know, Thanks.
  14. What is the best way to convert a PLC5 (RSlogix5) PID control to a CLX(RSLogix5000). We just did the same programming that was in the PLC5 and put it in the Controllogix. Put the same Gains same parameters etc. Didn't worked. We made some adjustments like, performing the PID via a Periodic Task and read at least 2 times the analog data on each loop (20ms). changed the gains . But the control is not stable , very noisy. We have changed the whole PID that was working on the PLC-5 program , so wanted to know if anyone has already done this before. Or maybe some recomendations , I dont know if it is high recommendable to buy the RSTune licence or so?. Thanks in advance.