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  1. Hello, I am looking for help with choosing a .NET Ethernet/IP integration task to a CLX PLC. I need to transfer different amounts of data between the two at a frequency of 5 - 10 times per second. Some of the data block (UDT) sizes are quite large (500 - 600 characters in length). What options are out there and what are the pro's and con's, e.g. capability of the driver, ease of use, ease of setup of data transfer, support, manuals available, cost, any other considerations? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. ML1400 fast outputs

    Many thanks for that.
  3. ML1400 fast outputs

    Hello, From looking in the 1400 manual (BXB model), it says it has 3 fast outputs available, but it doesn't state which ones are the fast ones. I have searched through the other manuals but can't find this information. Could someone please advise which ones they are. Thanks in advance. CJD
  4. ML1400 Modbus TCPIP and DF1 doable?

    I have an ML1400 series B with RSLogix500 8.2. I can't seem to find the option to select Modbus TCP on Channel 1. Where can I select this or I need a newer version of RSLogix to be able to select this? Thanks,
  5. remote IO suggestions

    I was looking at using 2 of Modbus TCP IO unit from Moxa (Moxa IO module) and connecting them through the Ethernet port on a ML1400 setup for Modbus TCP. Has anyone ever tried a similar approach to this, or know any issues with it. Would it be a good/bad solution for time-critical IO? Thanks
  6. remote IO suggestions

    I have a project coming up where I need 2 remote IO terminals (about 8 in 4 out on each) on a packaging line, to collect some IO signals to a single PLC. The PLC can be mircologix or compactlogix. Has anyone any suggestions on what terminals to use. They need to be relatively cheap and easy to setup. Non AB units would be considered. Thanks,
  7. L23E CIP limitation

    Oh, my mistake. I was counting the TCP connections for some reason! Does anyone know if its possible to enable/disable the Ethernet module through logic?
  8. L23E CIP limitation

    Hello, I have a L23E which I want to write a string over Ethernet/IP to any one of 21 Cognex DataMan barcode readers on the same network. I will only ever want to send the string to 4 - 8 readers at any one time. I know the L23E has a limit of 8 CIP connections, as far as I know each barcode reader requires 1 CIP connection. I have tried adding more than 8 modules to the Ethernet port in the IO configuration in RSLogix and when I verify the project I don't get any errors. Is it possible to add a connection for each one of the 21 barcode readers as an Ethernet module to the L23E PLC, and send information to each one or will the PLC throw an error when you try this? If it will, is there a way to change the IP address of the device you want send the information to, depending on what the logic requires? Is it possible to enable/disable the Inhibit Module checkbox in the Ethernet Module properties through logic? Thanks for the help. CJD
  9. 1200 to 1400 DF1 Protocol

    I haven't had an opportunity to test the Serial Device Server on this issue yet, but as a point of interest have many people on here used Serial Device Servers for this sort of application. Which manufacture did you use, which ones work well? Thanks
  10. 1200 to 1400 DF1 Protocol

    Yes its the Virtual Com port config I'm using. Its a IDS-5042, 4 port device (3 barcode scanners and the PLC) I will try slowing down the baud rate and see if this helps. If not I'll try monitoring the TCP traffic. Thanks for the direction. I'm not sure if handshaking is an option with the .NET application we have, I will have to check this. thanks again.
  11. 1200 to 1400 DF1 Protocol

    I think I didn't explain myself properly! The 2 PLC's are on 2 separate systems. They are connected to 2 separate PC's. I can perform some commands in the 1400 such as setting boolean's on and off. One thing which is different about the systems is the serial connection on the 1400 is connected to a Serial Device Server manufactured by a company called ORing. Has anyone used these, could it be possible that this device could cause some interrpution or loss of signals between the PLC and PC. Sorry about all the questions but the systems are on a customer site, I am visiting there on Friday and would like to have some ideas before I am on-site. Thanks Cian
  12. Hi, I am trying locate the Multicast/Unicast selection property in RSLogix 5000. I have been told it was implemented in version 18. I am running version 18.11. I have looked all over the application but cannot find it, could someone point me in the right direction please? Also does anyone know how do you access and run the post scan routine in an AOI? Thanks, Cian
  13. 1200 to 1400 DF1 Protocol

    Do you think having a different Baud rate could cause an issue like this?
  14. 1200 to 1400 DF1 Protocol

    Do you mean the comm port settings, I'm sure they are the same expect for the Baud rates, the 1200 has a Baud of 19200, the 1400 is 38400.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a differences between the DF1 protocol from the Micrologix 1200 to 1400. I have two .NET applications which are reading and writing to a 1200 and a 1400. The application reading and writing to the 1200 has no problem setting and reading the registers but it does not seem to work with the 1400. The application was developed using a 1200 PLC, does anyone know if there has been changes to the protocol between the 1200 and 1400 which could cause this issue? Thanks in advance the any help. Cian