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  1. Any way for the PLC to write data directly in to one of NB HMI's local memory addresses? Say I want to write a value of "13" in to HMI's Area/Variable LW Address 100. Is this possible without using a macro? Thanks.    
  2. Few Questions regarding usage and behavior of the WORD LAMP feature. I am using Version 1.531. Behavior (Q3) was observed in simulation mode.
  3. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

    Hi Webbs, I think I just realized what you were trying to say. One has to first create a graphic with required number of states, and then bring that in to the "WORD LAMP" or the "WORD SWITCH"  Object. What an odd way to do things. An object's properties being modified, should auto generate image place holders based on the number of states that was set by an end user, when the object (part) was placed on screen and as options are being set for that object. Then, one can bring the required image to the needed state. Thanks again for your help. I have been trying to figure out how to accomplish this simple task for many days now. NB series is most definitely NEANDERTHALS of HMI's is what I am finding out. Just one NEANDERTHAL expressing his opinion. That is. Many Cheers!
  4. Thanks photovoltaic, I feel like an OMRON MORON right now for assuming that real numbers would inherently have decimal digits associated with them. This was the first time in any language that I have programmed in that decimal digits were an option. Usually in other programming platforms, one was fighting to limit the number of decimal digits. Clever approach I suppose. Anyhow,  I was looking in the I/O map instead of the CPU Rack. Like I said, a MORONIC mistake on my part. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Cheers and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  
  5. Sysmac Studio Ver.1.45.1 (light Edition)  /  NX1P2 PLC  / NX-TC2406 2-CH Temperature Controller. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Measured "REAL" value of TC card does not display any decimal points. How do I get it to display at least 1 decimal place? Both the Integer and Real data registers have the same display value. Same for both channels. Is there a setting in this TC card that I missed?
  6. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

      Hi Webbs, I am trying to use the "WORD LAMP" object (PART), and not a "Button" object. Word lamp has 256 states. According to the manual, you can add a graphics to each state. (See my image above). I believe what you are referring to is the "WORD SWITCH" if I am not mistaken. That one is a "TOUCH" object and isn't going to work for what I am wanting to do. Which is to display various messages to an end user via a value set from the PLC, that a user cannot then alter via a button press. Cheers!
  7. Can NB Designer macros execute If/Then statements or are they just simply one line assignment and or calculation statements? If, If/Then statement execution is possible, what is the proper syntax? Thanks.
  8. How do I get these right side power rails to line-up? Is it me or does this logic looks as if it resembles 1990's GE Fanuc's MS DOS based LM 90-30 without mouse support? (as well as their later improved "Versa Pro" edition with it.) Exception being, GE's power rails lined-up. During 1990 ish. With the DOS version. What Happened? 
  9. Anyway to (short of using a macro) to trigger a POP-UP screen on a NB series HMI from simple PLC logic? I see a PLC control in NB designer that can be used to open screens. But nothing to trigger a Pop-Up. Can someone kindly explain OMRON's NB Pop-Up 101 to me? The philosophy behind most pop-up are is to inform an end user when the system needs them to attend to a situation. Not for them to launch the pop-up by pressing a button to get told that he/she  needs to work OT. More than likely, he/she is not going to press that trigger for the pop-up button before walking out the door, regardless of the smoke coming out of the control cabinet.  What am I missing or not understanding about the intended implementation of this functionality?   Cheers.
  10. NX1P2 / SYSMAC Studio (latest version)   Say I have an integer tag named "CMD" Is there a way to use the individual bits of that integer in Logic with Sysmac?       CMD.00 --------|  |-----------    
  11. I realize I need both the integer and the bit format for what I am wanting to do. Suppose I have the need for this functionality (resolving bits from an integer) just in the NX1P2 without involving the NB HMI. I don't see a way around without using  AT designation and without using CJ-Series memory. Does NB HMI read all CJ-Series tags with a AT designation from Global variables, or just the TAGS that are referenced  within the HMI program? Thanks again for the help. Cheers.  
  12. I Was under the impression AT designation was needed for NB Series HMI to exchange data with an NX1P2.
  13. Thank You. In that case do I still need the integer declaration? Instead, could I just use tag "CMD" with a data type of  "ARRAY[0...15] OF BOOL" with %D0 AT designation directly?
  14. Thank you both. However, I am still curious/concerned "pturmel" about your statement... " A memory-constrained project can leave everything to the left to save some space." Does this mean doing so will eat-up more processor memory upon downloading the project to the PLC CPU (ie. PLC Memory),  or was it a reference to the memory that was available to the host PC's back in the day that was running the "Programming" program? Most compilers ignore white spaces. But I cannot speak for the OMRON world. Cheers and thanks again!!!  
  15. NB Designer Version 1.531   None of the methods described in the manual works. What do I need to do to get a simple bitmap or a .png file in to the project?     EDIT: OK. Just found the solution right after I posted this. One has to create a new graphics which then gives the option to import various types. What is the "import Graphics" function shown above used for?    
  16. My COSTCO laptop has been in checked baggage over to 3 different continents. In a soft case. Does that count? "  this is why military and lumberjacks do not use Prius for work. " Are you sure about that? Then explain why all the PRIUS'es that are always on the fast lane drive so slow? By the way, thanks for the link. That helped to digest what the Operation Manual failed to do. I still needed to navigate to a third manual in order to decipher what should have been on the Operations manual. However, this does not provide the basic functionality I am looking for. According to the example, they are using several screens to display different messages. This would be maddening if one had to create 10 different screens to display simple 10 different one line messages to an operator. What if a process had 20 messages that needed to be displayed? Create 20 screens? At least that is my understanding of how Text Library is used as in design time text is always displayed on the text display.  (I do get the language switching functionality) Ridiculous to create a  separate screen for each message if you asked me. This is common feature in almost every other HMI that I have used. What I am looking for is a method to change text on a text display ON THE SAME SCREEN based on an input bit or an input word. I want the text to reside in the HMI. For example, USING NB Designer, Latest version. When.... PLC > HMI = 1  TEXT DISPLAY1 TEXT = "HELLO" PLC > HMI = nn PLC > HMI = 99  TEXT DISPLAY1 TEXT = "GOODBYE" A dynamic text display if you will. No other methods to do this in a simple manner? Only way I see is using a text display to send messages from the PLC. Not a good option if the length of the messages are long. Example used in the link you provided is using the  "Draw Text" object that has the text library option but has no visibility control option available to it. Else I could have used stacked Draw Text objects on the same screen using visibility control to display only the needed message.   Cheers!    
  17. I am looking for a way to convey a simple "TEXT" message to an operator on a NB series terminal, based on a input value from the PLC. Condition 0 - No message displayed. Condition 1 - It is getting Warm. Condition 2 - It is awfully HOT around here. Condition 3 - Run out of the building, clear 100 yards first, and then, call 911. In that order. Am I to understand this simple functionality is not available in this PT at a price of $900+ boasting a resolution of 800x480 with a 7" screen as I type the question using a $250 Costco laptop with a 15" screen with 1920x1080 resolution? Any other trickery that I can use to accomplish this task with this PT? Again, I did not pick this PT. I am trying to figure out how to work with what I got. Cheers!  
  18.  I Actually did. NB Designer. Two page explanation of "TEXT LIBRARY" left me utterly confused. Hence I asked the question. Perhaps my understanding of Japanese English is not up to par yet. I will re-read it again. I attempted to better myself via seeking knowledge and wisdom of others whom had traveled this path before. My COSTCO laptop is used in a harsh environment. (around my vicinity) Was made in CHINA. Still using the original two double A batteries. From Harbor Freight. Cheers!
  19. Looking at the image below, Q1. How can I pass the value of a variable (integer or DINT) in to my timer preset variable "T1_PRE" which is a Time data type. Short of creating a custom timer function, is there any way to have the native "TON" timer's "PT" and "ET" have their values in just seconds or milliseconds?  Q2. How do I pass a a value of 2500ms in to this Time data type from an NB series HMI?   Q3. TON instruction summary says "PT" & "ET" values are set in "ms". But below it states time is set in nanoseconds? Can someone explain this? Thanks.
  20. Thank you. I will dig around a bit. Cheers.
  21. Thanks. Is it possible to just extract minutes and seconds out of Time data type in to 2 integer data types? Is the Time data type structure described anywhere in detail?
  22. Just found the "SecToTime" and "TimeToSec" functions. So for Q1 & Q2, I have the answer. Still would like to get a clarification on Q3.
  23. How do I view values of %D1000 & %D1001 in Sysmac Studio when NX1P2 simulator is running?   Also, how does one make a Variable in PLC read/write from the HMI? I see options for "PUBLISH ONLY", INPUT, & OUTPUT.    Thanks.