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  1. FB in a Structure

    But this is a forum to get help with WHAT WE GOT NOW. No? Oh and by the way, it is Mr. George. All kidding aside, have you looked in to the possibility of a FUNCTION block as the final product that you want with your STRUCTURE? Thank you kindly.
  2. FB in a Structure

    Like i said, If i don't like what the yellow car is offering at this time, I will buy the RED one that has everything I want NOW. Cheers!  
  3. FB in a Structure

    I am sorry for misinterpreting your post. As you pointed out, I have failed miserably. Sincere apologies. What the HEX. I will take your advise and go back to programming a DL-06. Cheers!!!
  4. FB in a Structure

    I am not sure what your approach to solving problems is. As for me, when I have this many issues, I do one of two things. 1. Switch my PLC platform. 2. Change my job. But that's just me. Helps keep my blood pressure in check and most importantly, my co-workers will never, ever, ever, ever, have to worry about me one day walking in to work locked and loaded because I couldn't move a DINT to a FLOAT register. In Swahili. But that was in 1990. They may have that technology now. Cheers!
  5. This is not an an issue, but rather an FYI to those like me, that didn't know Sysmac simulation actually simulates writing to an SD card by creating a file in your local PC. I was curious as to how my write to SD card logic worked without any errors. So while in simulation mode and without an SD card installed on my PC, I did a search on my computer for my filename. IT FOUND IT!!! Now I can see all of my file composition errors. YaaaaaaY. Happy days.   File gets created in a folder in root (C:\) drive's OMRON folder under several sub folders. See the full path below.
  6. Thanks. I normally Right-Click on left side of the ladder window to get in to on-line edit/transfer mode. Figured it would be the same for Global Variables page. I figured wrong.
  7. I don't se any options to enable online editing from the "GLOBAL VARIABLES" page. How do you enter On-Line edit mode from this page?   Thanks.
  8. NX1P2 Date to US format?

    Thank you. I am currently doing something similar to that using a variable with a data type of "Date_AND_TIME". I was trying to avoid doing it this way and was looking to see if there was a way to do it in PLC's hardware configuration. This was for a high speed data logging application and didn't want to waste time composing the date time format at each log interval.  Thanks again Cheers.  
  9. Sysmac Studio Data Types list?

    THANK YOU!!!
  10. Where can I find all data types used in Sysmac Studio? Thanks.    
  11. NX1P2 seems to display date in "yyyy-mm-dd" format. Short of doing string manipulation, anyway to get current time in "mm-dd-yyyy" format? Thanks.    
  12. SetBlock did the the trick. THANK YOU ALL!!!  
  13. NX1P2 CPU. Sysmac Studio 1.45.1 I am trying to find out the fastest way to clear part of a large array short of looping using a for/next loop. Array1[25000] elements I want to clear 5,000 elements by giving a starting index and an ending index. I was looking at the "MemCopy" function. To use that for this purpose, one would need to have an Arrray of [5000] elements with blank values just sitting around using up memory. Would like to avoid that approach if there is a better way to do this. Can some one point me in the right direction? Cheers.  
  14. NX7 PLC Fatal Error

    Not familiar with that PLC. Just a guess. According to the error message above, it states unable to to save to battery backed up memory during a POWER-OFF condition. Was the power off done by someone or did the system lose power? Could it be because of a bad battery?