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  1. Does DirectSoft have the > (greater than) comparison? Say I want to check if a > b; In ladder, I have to; b [Not Equal To] a " And " b [<] A to get it done. This to me, is not very clean coding. Is this the only way you can do a greater than comparison in Dirctsoft 5? Thanks
  2. Is there an option available to just cut or copy and paste an instruction from one rung to another or DS only allows copying and pasting entire rungs? Thanks
  3. Is ther a better/Easier way to clear a V-memory location? Instead of; LD K0 OUT V10200 This gets tedious when you have to clear a register several times in logic. In AB world, this would be CLR N7:10 Or a FLL instruction using 0. Is there something similar in AD world? Thanks
  4. Thanks Bernie, It threw me for a loop. Regards-
  5. Ok I got it sorted out. My analog input was in BCD and not in binary. Drove me crazy for a while as this a simple task on most other PLC's. Any how I would still like to now if the manual was in error regarding the "65535" value in my post above. Thanks Again.
  6. Hello All, Trying to figure out how to scale 0-4095 Analog input to a -10 To +10 Instrument range. PLC (DL-06) that I am using does not have the ibox capability (ie. Old firmware). I need atleast 1 decmal place of resolution. Looking thru the AD manual confused me even more. On Chapter 3: FO-04AD-1 4-Ch. Analog Curent input DL05/06 Option Module user Manual; 7Th ED., 5/07 Page 3-11 shows the incoming analog value scaling as; A = H - L / 65535 + L Confused as to how they got "65535" here. Shouldn't this be 4095??? Nevertheless I am at a loss on how to do this conversion/Scaling to be in -10 to +10 Engineering units. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to All.
  7. Hello All, Can someone shed some light on to why the DL-06 not seeing the first scan bit at Rung #2 in the logic shown below? I have a very simple program (3 rungs total), where I am trying to totalize the number of times the PLC has been put in to run mode. For some reason, Rung # 2 does not catch the first scan bit "SP0". (no counter increments). But rung #1 always catches it and update the total in the V register. Kind of concern as I am planning on using the first scan bit to set-up certain start-up values in an actual program, and worried it is not working as it should. I have looked thru the firmware revision notes for this model and did not see this behaviour as a listed correction or a previously known fault. Has anyone run in to this before? Thanks.
  8. FX3u Modbus Register Help

    Hello all, Trying to get my head around this on how to relate FX3u Modbus register numbers to Modbus standards. For instance....... Modbus standard register numbers for Reading Input registers from a device (address) starts at 30xxx. Mitsubishi range allocation (for FX3u-485ADP-MB) for input register data addresses are in the range of 0000h to A7C7h ( 0 to 42951). According to MODBUS standards, registers addresses 40xxx are for holding register data. So that would mean my MITSUBISHI input registers are ovelapping in to holding register address space. Am I wrong on this assumption? So how do I go about reading the data, for example: A7C7h from the MITSUBISHI Modbus Slave from a MODBUS (non Mitsubishi) master that follows the MODBUS standards for data registers. What would be the command format from the master to read Input register A7C7h from Mitsubishi? Am I not looking at this the right way. Am I Just suppose to send the Read input register command (FC=04) along with the address A7C7h? Any and all help would be grately appreciated. Thanks.
  9. PC to FX3U-ENET

    ratcliffe_ic, I had (have) the same problem. Only way I could talk to the PLC was actually unplugging the HMI cable from the PLC (in mycase FX3U_ENET) module and then plug the laptop's ENET cable directly to it. Then I was able to go online with the PLC. When I plugged it in via the ethernet switch I was not able to connect. Funny thing though, PLC ENET module cable connects to the HMI via this same ethernet switch. However, when I have my laptop connected to the switch, I could ping the PLC but can't connect to it unless I pug it directly to the PLC's (Enet module). Would like to know what you find. It's a pain working with stuff. By the way, I am using GX developer 8.45x as well. I am almost certain that it's a setting that need to be done via the GX configurator-En, but could not find any info. Hope you find a fix. Regards
  10. FX3U as Modbus Slave

    I have been fighting with this for about a week as well. Jimr, If I understood you correctly, you changed the cabeling from your RS485 Adaptor to the PLC from; PC (Master) > FX3u-485ADP-MB Slave SDA > RDA SDB > RDB RDA < SDA RDB < SDB Changed to: SDA > RDB SDB > RDA RDA < SDB RDB < SDA What was your Temination setting at PLC Modbus Card end.... 110 Ohms or 330 Ohms? On yor RS485 to RS232 Adaptor Control.... RTS - On or off? SD - On or off? ECHO - On or Off? Also, this PLC (FX3u-80m) does not have the converter board that is shown in the modbus manual. Instead It has the USB board and then the Modbus card to the left of it. When I configured it for CH#1 comms, I got the error 201 stating the 485ADP was not detected. Then I configured it to CH#2 and the error went away. (yes I did look in the correct register for CH2, and the previous error on CH#1 went away after the power cycle). Right now, I can send data to it (RD on Modbus Card flashes) but the module never respond back (error code 204). I will try with the wires switched as jimr007 suggested instead of what the manual states the configuration to be SDA-RDA etc. This brings up another question, is this wiring switch over only good if we are using a PC as the master? What if another (Non Mitsubishi) Modbus RTU master is connected to this modbus card? Same apply? Thanks for providing us with feedback on how you corrected this. It's been a week and I poured over 4 or 5 different Mitsubishi Manuals, countless Modbus wiring diagrams. protocol specs etc. etc. w/o any luck (new to Modbus as most of my networks are either ethernet, DH+, or Controlnet type). Mitsubishi's Tech support has yet to return my call for help. I am sort of getting back in to Mitsubishi stuff again but stayed away from them for this very reason. But love the hardware when it works. Thanks again.