Cicode Warning : possible missing operand between tags

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Hi ... Everyone 

I have this warning Cicode message :

" possible missing operand between tags"

when compile below code ūüĎá


STRING sTagName = "EG01" ;

sTagName+"_START" = sTagName+"STATUS"


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I wrote the CiCode a bunch of years ago..

from what i remember you had to use the read tag function to make a changing prefix work

I put the tags in buffers with tag read    did my scaling    then TagWrite for the output.

This was done in ciCode not CiCode Object

//////////// put DB tags in buffer variables for Manipulation    
    net_amp_act_1_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1");
    net_amp_act_2_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2");
    net_amp_act_3_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3");


////// write reslults the Data Base
    TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1_cal", current_1_cal_buff);
    TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2_cal", current_2_cal_buff);
    TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3_cal", current_3_cal_buff);

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