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  1. USB PC adapter

    Hi, I review this topic , is there any other  suggestion as i try in two different version of simatic manger 5.3 and 5.5
  2. USB PC adapter

    I try to install and use USB adapter part number 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0   2 times one on windows XP Simatic V5.5 the cable seen as Simatic device on device manger (without problem) but didn't appear in Simatic manger in set PC/PG interface other time on windows XP Simatic V5.3 same as above + in device manger it give error the device can't start please find the attached files for pictures I need your support please advice what I do ? what is the difference between this cable and other USB adapter but more expensive ?  
  3. All CPU led falshing

    this happen while no memory card in CPU by the way what will happen if i insert non Siemens memory card in CPU?
  4. CPU 314IFM adress

    Hi, I have a CPU 314IFM order number 6ES7 314-5AE10-0AB0 when i select it in hardware config it show I/Q adress 124 -155 while it should be to 129 only (the manual mention that and it covers all inputs and outputs and the special funaction also) I try (offline) to change the order number only (another 314IFM) found it give different address range for each CPU while it all have 20 DI/16DO 4AI and 1AO
  5. All CPU led falshing

    Hi, I have S7 300 CPU all its leds falshing in same frequency this happen while it running and can't access to it online if we make power reset and selctor on stop it start normal and when try to go online all leds flash if we make power reset and the selctor in run position it start and after a few second start flashing can any one advice me what i do ? what is the possible causes of that
  6. change port setting

    Many thanks for your support , If I buy a new panel view with same part number but different in Ser # what will happen Is there any problems?
  7. change port setting

    Thanks, sorry for distruib i want to confirm that no way to connect port 1of SLC /3 to panel view with direct cable it will not work??? I have to reconfigure port 0 and use 2711-NC13 for connecting with panelview and use 1747-UIC USB to DH-485 for connecting with PC or laptop
  8. change port setting

    yes I have the panel view 2711-B5A5 which have only one port RS232 (9 pin) and in manual mention RS232(DH485)
  9. change port setting

    thanks for your reply but why i couldn't make cable from the upper port RJ45 which is configurd as DH485 to the serial port of panel view in panel view manual mention cable from 9 pin to 9 pin uses only pin# 2,3 and 5 could i make it for RJ45 to 9pin ??
  10. change port setting

    Hi, I have PLC slc500 /3, connected with panelview 550 DH485 I have to replace the panel view by another available one which is different in part number my old one is 2711-B5A2 the new is 27711-B5A5 communication port for the new is 9 pin RS232 (DH485) when i read manual for panel view it mentioned that if i want just point to point (it is my case) i can change port configuration for the lower port of PLC to be DH485 and use cable 9 pin from 2 side first I don't know how to change port setting, if i change it how i connect to modify or troubleshoot the plc later? could i make a cable form the above port (RJ45) of PLC which is used for old panel and configured to DH485 to the new port 9 pin RS232? why when i order a panel view should mention the "ser" by the way it is Ser H??? When I try to buy new one , I didn’t find Panel view (obsolete ) gust find panel plus is it direct replacement for panel view or I need to rebuild the application program from beginning?
  11. S5 with scada by pg port

    hi i have old machine works with siemens s5 cpu 95u connected with computer running operation and monitoring software , connection on PG port, i haven't the original copy of application program i make upload from the plc (no symbole file ) i can only know the input and output from electrical drawing how can i know the data between pc and plc (the machine make a problem that when bar code check enables from pc all products rejected when we disable it from pc machine work good)
  12. Profibus network and GSD files

    hi, the supplier for AC drive and DC drive was Siemens also, i didn't find GSD files for old model of Ac drive can I get this files from the Eprom? is there any solution to solve the problem without using the EPROM?
  13. Profibus network and GSD files

    Hi, i have a production line , PLC s7300 cpu 315 , with ET200, ac drive , Dc drive and HMI all linked via Profibus in beginning i didn't have original program , i can see only the cpu program and can't see profibus network , system work normal with data change when a problem happen in CPU we have the old version which have wide Eprom slot (old type) we try to use new model of CPU but it didnt work when we download the uploaded program and change cpu type we get orignal program but also not all the machine work cpu and DC drive ok but the ac drive give bus fault we try to download GSD files from Siemens web site but the model was newer than our , try it but didn't work finally the machine work when we get the same model of old CPU and use the old EPROM my questions is it another place can i download GSD files from it and contains old versions ? is there any method to get this GSd file from old EPROM?
  14. PCMK DH+ card

    thanks , i ll use used laptop dell latitude D630
  15. PCMK DH+ card

    i need to verify from any one is it work or not, anyway if i use it i ll post my feedback, Do you have any suggestion for another cheap solution (few hundred)?