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  1. CP1H using CP1W-MODTCP01-US

    Looking to read data from an energy meter E-Mon Class 3400 with an Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP connection does anyone have sample programming for this application
  2. NP 5 Password

    Yes I do but if I try and upload the project it will not let me without a password. Thanks for any help you can offer
  3. NP 5 Password

    Does anyone have a way to recover a password from an Omron NP5 HMI
  4. Controller Link

    Has anyone seen a 64 bit version of a driver for the 3G8FA-CLK21-V1
  5. Encoder connection

    Hi I am using a CJ1M CPU13 and have an input module CJ1W-IDP01.I need to connect 3 encoders all running at apx the same speed of 16 PPS will this module work for this application.Thanks for any help with this
  6. PLC outputs syncronize

    The potential problem I am trying to overcome is having my outputs turn on a contactor at only one point of the power sine wave I would lime to have this happen at random points of the ac sine wave
  7. PLC outputs syncronize

    Sorry for the late reply I have been away.What I am looking for is I am turning on these outputs every 3 seconds and I want to be sure they don't always turn on at the same point of the AC sine wave so every 3 seconds but with a bit of radomization.
  8. PLC outputs syncronize

    Hi I am working on a control system that will have outputs that operate on time how can I make these outputs operate so they will not be syncronize.I want to be sure that when these turn on the load the contacts won't close at the same point in the power cycle. Thanks for any input on this question
  9. CQM1H PID function

    Hi I have used PID function in the CS1 series and the CJ1 series controller I am setting up a PID control using the CQM1H-CPU51 and am having a few problems but one question is what format are both the inout word and the output word also the set value. The instructions do not mention their format only the other P1 settings. Thanks for any help
  10. HMI slide switch

    Thanks for the reply I will have to play around with it
  11. HMI slide switch

    Hi Has anyone developed a slide switch control to quickly change a value using an HMI Thanks
  12. CQM1H CX Intgrator

    I did set up routing tables but when I try and connect to the plc it doesn't give me an option for the CQM1H nor does it give me an option for CV series as tashinz had suggested. I am wondering if my CX-One is the problem I have ver 1.01 and have not had any upgrades since I can't seem to find how to do that. I may upgrade to ver 2.0 do you think that will solve the problem?
  13. CQM1H CX Intgrator

    Yes that is correct
  14. CQM1H CX Intgrator

    Hi I am trying to set up a CQM1H with a NS screen using controller link. I set up a datalink table but when I went to connect to the the PLC it did not offer the CQM1H as an option.What would I be doing wrong. Thanks for any input
  15. Change in IO Table

    Hi Try and transfer the IO tables in Program mode if you have not done this yet