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  1. Hi everybody, I'm in need of cable XBTZG9775 to connect Magelis touch panel with FX3G CPU (Mitsubishi). Could anybody please send me pinout of that cable. Thank you for reading.
  2. Problem of pulse output inside of interruption program

    M8348 is called positioning instruction activation flag of Y0 output. I was familiar with cautions in 8.2.1. I can handle output or timer inside interrupt program without any problem. Such a pity that there is no example on high speed output inside an interrupt routine. Thank you for your comment
  3. Problem of pulse output inside of interruption program

    Thank you for your reply. I use the high speed counter set instruction where the destination device is an interrupt pointer. Each time, after pulse output has stopped, I tried to reset flags concerned to output Y0. It still does not help. Actually I can do the same thing with servo set in speed mode to avoid that problem. Anyway I think it should be also OK in positioning mode.
  4. Hi everybody, Please help me to solve this problem. I use FX3U-32MT and try to generate pulses ( with one of instructions PLSY, PLSV or DRVI,..) to rotate a servo motor. everything is OK when a program is without interruption. Problem is when the above mentioned instructions are inside of interrupt program, they can be executed only once after PLC is switched to RUN (I used high speed counter set interruption). Program check is OK. PLC has no error. Although output Y0 , instruction activation flag and output busy flag are OFF, the instruction can not be executed again. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  5. HI everybody. I have OMRON touch panel NT31-ST121B-V2. Can anyone please tell me, if I can connect it with Mitsubishi PLC FX2N and what I need or how to connect them. Thank you for reading
  6. USB driver for FX3G

    Hello everybody, It's first time I have a project with FX3G. I tried to connect my PC ( running on Windows XP) to PLC via the USB port but it failed because the driver is not installed yet. My GX developer is of ver.8.84N ( it is working with FX3G normally via RS422 port). Can any one tell me how can I install USB driver ? I really need it because the RS422 port is connected to GOT. Thank you in advance.
  7. Manual for VB programming

    Thank you very much.
  8. Ladder in yellow color?

    Thank you for your reply
  9. Ladder in yellow color?

    HI everybody, I uploaded program from EEPROM-8 of Shilin AX2N-80MR and found out that several parts of program are in yellow color. Could you please tell me what's the matter? Why they are in yellow color like that? Thank you for your kind attention
  10. Manual for VB programming

    Hi everybody, I begin programming with Visual Basic 6.0 and found out OMRON ActiveControlX of OMRON in components of VB. I think with those activeX, one can build up an user interface to communicate with OMRON PLC ( read/write data memory, set/reset bit device) but I don't know how to do it. Could you please tell me if there is any instruction manual which describe these things? Thank you for your reading.
  11. CPM2A mode problem

    Thank you, Andy
  12. CPM2A mode problem

    Thank you. I'll try it tomorrow.
  13. CPM2A mode problem

    Normally there is no any device attached to peripheral port. Machine was in normal working condition for 1 year then trouble started to happen. I changed PLC settings to RUN mode at start up with CX-program, put PLC into Program mode and transferred settings only. Thank you for your support
  14. CPM2A mode problem

    Thank you for your answers. Our CPM2A is connected to a text panel at RS-232 port. I don't understand how the panel affects operation mode of PLC? I tried to set RUN mode at start-up in PLC settings. I was OK for only 2 days then trouble happen again. This kind of trouble started to happen last month. I will check DM6600 soon. Once again thank you.
  15. CPM2A mode problem

    Hello everybody, Our PLC CPM2A does not always switches to RUN mode when powering up. In such a case we have to turn it off and ON several times. Can any one tell us how to correct this trouble? Thank you for your attention.