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  1. Hello, you can click Tool > Options... and then set it according to your needs and preferences
  2. Password!!

    hello, it´s easy, use some of GOT2000 panels
  3. GX works3

    thank you man
  4. GX works3

    Hey, guys, this might be a bit offtopic but I check the Mitsu download site quite regularly, last week I downloaded version 1.1 and now I found out it is no longer available and the latest version you can download is 1.097. What's even funnier is that version 1.1 has even disappeared from the Japanese site with the changelogs (link via google translate). Any ideas? I'll contact my local mitsu, but this forum is sometimes faster than them.
  5. compiled code in GXworks3

    we did not at the time, but i tried it now and software is way to big without optimization
  6. compiled code in GXworks3

    we had an absolute FUBAR situation, already reported to our local mitsu, and they forwarded it to Poland and Japan... we have a machine with dozens of servos and one FB controlling the servo was not working properly, after all normal attempts my colleague tried to add the same FB declaration to the label tab and it started working, we tried some monkey bussines with it and in that software whatever FB was first in that label tab was not working, but there was no warning/error when building the software.
  7. compiled code in GXworks3

    hey guys, do GXW3 have similar function similar to "Display compile result" from GXW2?   thanks
  8. IQ app

    Hey guys, we're considering this app, but our local mitsu dealer has no practical experience with it... Does anyone of you have any experience with it? What impact can we expect on our workflow? Our programming team has five people and we currently have all our software organized only in folders on a shared drive.   As always, thank you in advance.     edit: our factory runs exclusively on mitsu PLCs
  9. after consultation with local mitsu we solved it like this and they are trying to find cause and solution...
  10. hello guys, I´ve got this wierd error (wtf1), if i switch it from NC to NO contact it goes through rebuild without problem (wtf2), relevant part of SDT on picture wtf3... I´ve GX works ver: 1.612N Anyone ever encountered this? What was your solution?   thanks  
  11. HydMech control issues

    hello and welcome,   may i ask you what HMI?
  12. OT: Mitsu web redesigned

    Hello, since they redesigned the mitsubishi FA website I am unable to find software updates. Is it my fault or did they forget to put them in?   Thanks
  13. GX works3 - label vs device check

    thank you
  14. hi guys, is there any easy and global way how check if the same device isn´t associated with multiple labels? (ie M_start M300 and M_whatever M300)
  15. QCPU to 2x kyence iv2

    ok, solved, I made a rookie mistake and trusted what the maintenance and production guys told me.