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  1. Table of Special Registers and Special Relays

    Thanks Logan1101, this is also very useful and convenient. I didn't see it earlier. Appreciate the assistance.    
  2. Table of Special Registers and Special Relays

    Thanks AndreasW, this is perfect.  
  3. Table of Special Registers and Special Relays

    Hi BobLfoot, thanks for the reply. I appreciate your assistance.  ...I was kind of hoping for a complete list if there is one... For example, I stumbled across SD1282 while looking up SP.SOCSND in a manual. It says that it is "Open Completion Signal". That's great but there are some 5000+ SD registers and some 5000+ SM Relays if I remember reading correctly and if I had to randomly come across each one in a different manual to figure out what it is, I would never find most of them.  Also SD1282.3 is used in the PLC code but again no explanation as to what the ".3" of the "Open completion Signal" refers to. I am coming from using PLCs from a different PLC manufacturer, and now doing a lot of modifications to existing equipment which has already been programmed and hacked around and I need to be able to look up these registers as they are usually used without any comments or explanations and seeing as these registers are set by the system and not directly by the program logic, it is impossible to know what they are and what they should be just looking at PLC program. So far the transition to Mitsubishi PLC is very frustrating, largely due to the lack of clear documentation from Mitsubishi.   I was able to find a list of the M9000s and D9000s at https://www.manualslib.com/manual/2079126/Mitsubishi-Melsec-A-Series.html?page=406#manual but nothing for SD and SM.. Cheers, Olly      
  4. Hi,  I am quite new to Mitsubishi PLCs and I am trying to find a list of the special registers (SDxxxx) and special relays (SMxxxx) and what each of them mean but I cannot find such a list anywhere.  Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers, Olly