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  1. Hi All, I need to start PLC Data Logging using an SD card in the CPU module for an iQ-R PLC.  I have not attempted this kind of logging before and I was wondering about any restrictions on the type of SD cards that can be used. The documentation I have found says "SD/SDHC memory card: 32Gb maximum". Does anyone know why can't I use a 64 GB SD card ? (maybe due to addressing limitations?) Also, when I look for SD cards, I see different speeds of data transfer such as 120 MB/s or 100 MB/s and I was wondering if there is any difference as far as the logging is concerned.  Does anyone know if there are any other restrictions, brands that don't work? Useful tips? Cheers    
  2. I believe there you can use SoftGOT2000 option in GT Designer3. I haven't used it but the Mitsubishi website makes it sound like it is what I understand you are looking for. https://www.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/products/hmi/got/pmerit/sgt/sgt2000/index.html The only reason I haven't tried it yet is because it requires a separate license and we are using the GOT hardware units on site. From the new project wizard in GT Designer3 (GOT2000):     Hope this helps.  
  3. Thanks IO_Rack I appreciate your response. What I was getting at with the comparison to Allen-Bradley is that in Allen-Bradley PLCs you would install the EDS file or AOP and then add the IV3 camera to the I/O tree and voila! you have tags to read and write to as long as you put in the correct IP address and everything is connected, whereas in the Mitsubishi PLC as far as I can see so far: You have to first use the Ethernet/IP Configuration Tool for RJ71EIP91 software (which is separate from GX Works2/3) to install the EDS and create or modify the configuration, including the input and output sizes). For reading/writing the configuration you have to connect to the EIP module (Not the PLC) and read/write the configuration. This should get the EIP module communicating with the IV3 if set up correctly but not the EIP module with the PLC.  You have to write logic for the PLC to read and write the data to the EIP module buffer memory... It seems you have to use the addresses starting at Un\G65536 offset by the addresses already used by existing devices for inputs and the same thing starting at Un\G196608 for the outputs. Then you have to look at the IV3 I/O registers and figure out which bits/registers will contain the values that you want. And for me, this means creating a big Excel spreadsheet to figure it all out and hope I haven't miscalculated and misaligned anything. Troubleshoot will not be fun. So the examples for Allen-Bradley PLCs are not really very helpful. Keyence PLCs are more similar to Mitsubishi PLCs but not the same. I haven't got to test my program out yet as I am still waiting for others to mount and wire the cameras but I am hopeful it works. Of course it is entirely possible there is a better way to do this, but that is my plan so far.      
  4. Hi, has anyone tried to get a Mitsubishi iQ-R to communicate with the Keyence IV3 series cameras over Ethernet/IP?  There are videos about how to use the IV3 with Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) PLCs but Rockwell's implementation of EIP is completely different from Mitsubishi's implementation. I am using an existing system with the RJ71EIP91, I have the IV3 EDS file added to the Ethernet/IP Configuration Toll for RJ71EIP91 software, I know I need to add the IV3, set the IP address and connection number. But how do I access the data, and send the trigger for the IV3? The instruction videos for Allen-Bradley uses the I/O tree to create tags and pre-made AOI's to create the logic to do all of the communication work in the PLC code, which is a process that I am familiar with. However, none of that is relevant to the Mitsubishi PLCs.  I figure I have to use somethning like Uxx\Gxxxxxxx in my logic to access the data for the IV3 from the RJ71EIP91 module but not sure how to get that to and from the actual IV3. Does anyone have any ideas? (sorry my initial post was blank, accidentally prematurely posted).        
  5. No GX Developer in iQ Works?

    Hi, I have a licensed version of Melsoft IQ Works. It has GX Works3, GX Works2, GT Developer (1000), GT Developer (2000), plus a whole bunch of other software packages that I have never used but it does NOT have GX Developer. The site I work at has a couple of old A-Series PLCs that I cannot open with GX Works2 or GX Works 3. These files have been successfully opened in GX Developer on another computer, but I do not have it on my computer.  Does any know, does IQ Works not come with GX Developer? How do I get GX Developer? Does it have to be purchased separately?   Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards, Olly  
  6. Hi All, I am trying to use Toyopuc PLCs for the first time and having some trouble.  The manual shows a Global Tag List, Local Tag List and the capacity to create tags etc. Manual for PCWin2:   My PCWin2 looks completely different:   Also I cannot change the CPU - it is stuck on Nano 10GX. Even when I create a new file. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?   Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.              
  7. GT Designer3 How to draw overlaying objects

    Yeah, silly me...I though the person designing the screen got to decide which object goes where, especially when seemingly offered the option to do so...But I guess any software package is annoying when you don't know how to deal with its quirks. I am getting there, it seems I have this one figured out. On to the next one...
  8. GT Designer3 How to draw overlaying objects

    Thanks but no change. Still no "Stacking Order" functions work regardless of Graphic version. However, I did finally get it to work. I had to turn on the Lamp Feature/"Use lamp attribute" check box on the rectangle and put SM400 to make it always ON:     Then the rectangle started to behave in accordance with the Stacking options...I don't understand why this is but it will have to do for now.    
  9. GT Designer3 How to draw overlaying objects

    Under System/Type Setting I am seeing: Graphics Setting: GOT Graphic Ver. 1  
  10. Hi All,  Does anyone know how to draw a simple "Figure" such as a rectangle and put it on top of an existing "Object" in GT Designer 3 (GT2000)? This sounds easy and I can do this in any number of other HMI software packages but Mitsubishi GT Designer3 doesn't behave like other HMI packages and it doesn't work by just grabbing a rectangle, having it occupy the same 2D space as the existing object and clicking "Send to Front", or "Send to Back" etc. For example, below is a screenshot of a Bit Lamp and a rectangle. I sent the Bit Lamp to the  "Back of the Back Layer" which to me means it should be hiding behind the rectangle. I also sent the rectangle to the "Front Layer" and the "Front". Either of which should cover the Bit Lamp. Doesn't work.....Very frustrating.... Does anyone know how to make this work? Thanks
  11. Mitsubishi EDS file location? (GX Works3)

    @GreenMan Thanks for that. I didn't realize at first that you have to be logged in to the mitsubishi electric account to be able to see all of the search results. I was only seeing 2 PDF files before logging in and thought there was nothing useful to see but after logging in I was able to see the Zip file, and download and install the module. Now it works. Thanks for your help.    
  12. Mitsubishi EDS file location? (GX Works3)

    Thanks for the responses.  @FRANK RUIZ - I think you may be right, I probably just have to contact our Mitsubishi rep. @Crossbow - I am not sure what sort of file it is I need but whatever it is I need to open the .gx3 file that has that FLnet module in it. As it is I cannot even open the file. I am not that interested in the FLnet module in this case, rather the logic in the .gx3 file. I can open other .gx3 files that don't have that module it them.               
  13. Hi, Does anyone know where to get EDS files for GX Works3 ?  I can't open a file that I need to access because it has an "Unsupported Module". The module is 007ER-1FL2-T, it shows up on the Mitsubishi website but I cannot see any links to EDS files or any software related to this module. Cheers, Olly  
  14. Thanks@WattUp, @Gambit.I appreciate the help and I will have a go.  
  15. Hi All, As a system integrator coming from an Allen-Bradley based environment to a Mitsubishi based environment (GX Works 2, Q series PLCs), I am used to doing this with Allen-Bradley PLCs: when you hit save while online, you are prompted to upload the values in the tags and can save these values and view them offline - which is useful when doing modifications and analysis offline, as well as backing up settings in case your PLC dies and has to be replaced with a brand new one. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to store the current values of the devices in a Mitsubishi PLC to my PC along with the .gxw  file that is saved when doing a "Read PLC"? I am aware you can set up a File Register but it seems to only save ZR devices as well as specifically designated "Extended Data/Link" D and W devices, but most data is not stored in these devices. Thanks