Mitsubishi Equivalent of Allen-Bradley's Upload/Save Values?

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Hi All,

As a system integrator coming from an Allen-Bradley based environment to a Mitsubishi based environment (GX Works 2, Q series PLCs), I am used to doing this with Allen-Bradley PLCs: when you hit save while online, you are prompted to upload the values in the tags and can save these values and view them offline - which is useful when doing modifications and analysis offline, as well as backing up settings in case your PLC dies and has to be replaced with a brand new one.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to store the current values of the devices in a Mitsubishi PLC to my PC along with the .gxw  file that is saved when doing a "Read PLC"?

I am aware you can set up a File Register but it seems to only save ZR devices as well as specifically designated "Extended Data/Link" D and W devices, but most data is not stored in these devices.


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Yuo can use the latch data backup function - or you can create device memeory files to store or send the values

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When you do a read / write select "Device Data"  This will backup any data that is setup under 'Detail' option. 


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