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  1. I agree, provided the OEM wants this. There are also times where it is detrimental to the machine to have someone messing with it. Of course these need superior diagnostics built in. But isn't that always a goal anyway? Eliminate or minimize down time is most efficient. This is generally not what happens when more than one person is making changes to a "working" system.

  2. You have a good part number, it is your distributor that is obsolete. Hopefully you have another one close by. Here is the current Selection Guide from the GEIP web site: You can get the cable information here: And look for a better distributor here: Ask for a Proficy Machine Edition Demo DVD to get you started, you can install it and use it for four days without a license with no restrictions.

  3. The "Red F" means that there is a fuse blown on that module. Almost all of the modules are still available. You can save a little money if you get the newer version with blue plastic instead of black. Ask you supplier for both versions. The difference is black-IC693xxxyyy or blue-IC694xxxyyy. The internals are identical in most modules. Go here here to find your supplier:

  4. Back when I was using and teaching LogicMaster, this is what I would make sure that everyone knew. "With LogicMaster one need only remember a few things:" 1. Read the Screen 2. Alt-H brings up "Help" 3. Alt-K brings up Key short cuts. 4. The Esc key backs you up one menu for each press. Armed with this information anyone can make LM90 do anything within its scope of ability.

  5. Maybe, it depends on the module, there are a few of the newest ones that have point faults but most will bring you to only the module. Consult the I/O manual GFK-0898 for details.

  6. If you set this parameter, you MUST not use any logic, function or hardware that is not comparable with the older firmware or there "may" be undseireable or uninteded consequences, or the CPU may not go into Run. It is always best to update the CPU to the latest version. This can be done by purchasing an upgrade chip from GEIP or if your processor is a CPU350 or higher by downloading the upgrade kit from the web site.

  7. Verify that the new rack has the same part number as the original, ignoring any 1 or 2 letters after the first 8 characters, it will be IC693CHS###. Then verify that the DIP switches on the rack are set exactly like the original ones were. Also, with a hardware fault as that in the CPU, you will need to connect to it and clear that fault before you can put the CPU back into the Run mode.

  8. DETAIL in your question, promotes DETAIL in my answer. That depends a little on how fast the pulses will be coming in, it may take a High Speed Counter input or maybe a standard input. Add them up in a given time frame and multiply or divide depending on your time frame. And how quickly or often will you need to update the 'Rate Meter'? For instance if you suspect around 100 GPM count the number of pulses coming in at 10 second intervals and multiply by 6. Or to make it real easy count how many you get in a 1 minute time frame for GPM. :)

  9. That processor can be synced with SNTP, you can find details here:

  10. Zip up the files that you have and post them, maybe someone can help. If you have an ftp site I may be able to send you a VersaPro 2.30 Demo.

  11. That and most of the GEIP CPUs have a fair amount of capacitance, but I have never looked at that one in detail. Also it has built in Flash Memory and in most cases it will be configured to Read the Logic and Configuration from Flash on power-up, so a battery is not needed for that. As an option Register data can be saved and loaded from Flash also. With the newest versions you can even use a Service Request to have Logic update some of those Registers. See Proficy ME online Help and the Manual for details. DO696: Series 90-30 Installation and Hardware Manual, GFK-0356 It is the same as the CPU374 with less memory. If the working program is being wiped on a power cycle, you likely have a grounding deficiency and/or the inductive loads need suppressors.

  12. You should ask Kepware that question. My guess would be that somewhere in the Kepware setup there is a setting that asks which CPU you are talking to if that is the case try telling it that you have a CPU36x or CPU37x or even a 90-70. It uses the same SNP protocol and has more memory.