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  1. Error writing to PLC 5002000Dh

    GX Works 2 Version 1.600A   I have not re-installed the software, It only errors when I choose symbolic information?     Thank you 
  2. Error writing to PLC 5002000Dh

    Hi all, whilst trying to write to my PLC I receive the following error and google returned no results.  Q00CPU   Can anybody offer some advice, please?
  3. If Else or Similar

    Thank you for your replies, The sample above is ST correct?    
  4. If Else or Similar

    Hi all, I have 3 values set that I want to show different lamps for 1 K2000 2 K2500 And data coming from a pressure transducer < this is the actual value to compare to. Anything above 2500 should be green light Anything between 2500 & 2000 should be amber light Anything below 2000 should be a red light.   I have attached what I have so far, but I cant get my head around the above problem. I might add I am a newbie to plc but enjoying them so far. This site has helped me greatly so far so thought I would come and ask  my 1st question MAIN.csv