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  1. FX3U reseting all D register when start up! How can I do to make him memorize?

    Thank you for the help! Can you tell me the difference between latched and fixed latched?
  2. Hello!  I was trying to set an value on "d" register to use him like a parameter. We are talking of connections of m0 on the next image:   the system works as follows: when pressing a button (M0), it moves the variables typed in the HMI (D14 and D16) to D10 and D12, at the same time that it takes these values and generates the parameter of minimum (D8) and maximum (D60). And its works perfectly, at least while on. When the clp is turned off and on, the variables are reset to zero, even if the only way to change the values is to press the set button again. What can I do to make it keep the information that has been moved?
  3. [SOLVED WITHOUT SCL FUNCTION] What i'm doing wrong with SCLP in GXWorks2

    SOLVED ! For some reason, the SCL function just can't work for me, searching for this, I found your equation in another post, the UNIVERSAL EQUATION FOR SCALLING, "out = (in-in_low)*(out_hi-out_lo)/(in_hi-in_low) + out_low". Thank you for the help!
  4. [SOLVED WITHOUT SCL FUNCTION] What i'm doing wrong with SCLP in GXWorks2

    If you can't help me with SCL anymore, could you please give me another solution for that I want?
  5. [SOLVED WITHOUT SCL FUNCTION] What i'm doing wrong with SCLP in GXWorks2

    Ty for the reply!  As you can see, the number of points is represented by the first line of the table I tried your method, putting the SCL as the final line, using and not using the first line as the number of point but still dsn't working. USING SLC AS THE FIRST LINE   USING THE SCL AS THE LAST LINE LINE here is when I use your method with the first line as the number of points. I tried without this first line and 5 points like you did, but stil dsn't work
  6. Hello ! I'm programming an LE3U plc, similar to FX3U plc from mitsubishi. They both use the same software to program, GX Works2. I'm trying to put the value from a pressure sensor on a scale using SCL, but as you can see the value from the port aren't converting on my scale table. What i'm doing wrong? The clp identificate as 770(4mA) 3860(20mA) and I'm trying to convert that into 0(4mA) 250(20mA). On the next image, you can see that i'm sending 20mA on this AI, and D0 reaches the maximum, and that is right, but isn't doing the scale..