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  I have a humidity sensor 0-10v and his measurepoints is for 10 to 90 humidity %. Using the Analog Amplifier, I set his measure range but theres a problem... he's only givin me integers numbers, and I need the decimal one's to. On the Analog Amplifier, with that range the program says that the gain on the measure is 0.08 for each number on the analog input, theres a way to see that decimal places? I tried increasing the measure range to 100-900 and set the decimal case to 1 but the gain turns to 0.8, with that I just can take jump number like 10.8->11.6->12.4. How can i do this on the way that I need?

It's an LOGO 8!



After setting measurement range from 100 to 900:


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@Rodrigo Balsalobre For decimal on LOGOSoft Comfort It will only show on message text on PLC or TD display for internal calculating within PLC will be calculate with only integer not for floating point.


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